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We are a Business Process Outsourcer that connects world-class remote workers with the nation's leading brands to deliver cost-effective, reliable, flexible, virtual customer experience solutions

Omni Interactions Named to the Latest Inc. 5000 Annual Ranking of the Fastest-Growing Private Companies in America

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Access to ongoing talent pool, streamlined launch process, fast knowledge transfer, flexible technology and security, easy pricing and terms.

Remote, gig-based work is the best model to attract talent, maximum delivery flexibility, scalability, and increased cost efficiencies.
No overhead costs or operating expenses, reduced cost of training with training at the click of a mouse, gain full-time productive hours, and move workers rapidly.

Revolutionize Your Customer Service Today

Gig Brand Ambassadors (GBAs) Are Best-Suited to Represent Your Biggest Asset

Omni selects only the most qualified people from across the country and gives them the knowledge and tools they need to provide first-rate customer support via phone, email, chat, or text.

What Is a GBA?

A Gig Brand Ambassador (GBA) is a Gig Worker who is an independent contractor with specialized skills certified to represent your brand with top-notch customer support.

What Are Their Qualifications?

82% of our GBAs are college educated and they average 14 years of work experience. GBAs go through a rigorous skills and knowledge verification, aptitude assessment, and security validation.

How Will They Represent My Brand?

We ensure our GBAs and clients are a good fit for one another in all areas of brand affinity, product and service familiarity, and work experience.

Omnichannel Customer Support Built to Scale

When you need to ramp up your sales or customer support teams quickly, Omni Interactions offers the best omnichannel managed services.

Gig workers who represent your brand like it’s their own

It’s our mission to respond efficiently to your ever-changing workforce needs and provide the best on-demand support in customer service, tech support, sales, and back-office.

Revolutionize Your Customer Service Today

Industries Revolutionizing Their Customer Experience

Companies in all industries partner with Omni Interactions to transform customer service. Our on-demand service is perfect for Fortune 500 companies, high-growth, and companies with seasonal customer support needs. 

Rapid Growth

Fortune 500


Travel and Hospitality

If you’re ready to reduce your costs, build capacity, and delight your customers, get in touch today.