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Flex Up and Down Instantly

Rapid-growth companies often struggle with customer experience, and the costs associated with providing a high level of service are prohibitive. Outsourcing customer experience to a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) provider can help rapid-growth companies improve customer satisfaction while also reducing costs.

BPO services are designed to be scalable, so companies can adjust their customer experience model as their business grows and evolves. In addition, BPOs provide access to experienced professionals who are trained in the latest customer service technologies and best practices.

Finding the Perfect Gig Brand Ambassador

‍Omni is the perfect partner to help your rapid-growth business navigate the complexities of customer engagement. With our state-of-the-art BPO services, we can quickly identify and source brand ambassadors for your company who have the right skills and cultural fit.

We hire the best people from across the country, rather than only within driving distance of a physical call center, which means:

  • Immediate access to more applicants and increased selectivity
  • More mature, highly educated, and experienced people
  • Exceptional annualized attrition
  • Talent with specialized work experience, skill sets, and cultural fits


We use automated systems to make sure that you get the right people, with the best skills, in the shortest amount of time. With our comprehensive database of applicants, we can pinpoint workers with experience in your industry or even prior experience working at your company.‍ Omni is your ideal partner for finding brand ambassadors that you can trust to connect with your customers.

Your Growth Partner

At Omni Interactions, we understand that rapid growth can come with a lot of customer service and support challenges. Our BPO services are designed to help you scale your customer support operations up or down instantly. We have the experience and resources to help you meet your customer service goals.

We offer custom-tailored rapid-growth BPO services that will give you an edge in the market. We utilize Gig Economy workers and best-in-class technology and AI to flex up and down to meet your needs.

  • Outsourcing gives you the advantage of being able to draw from a larger pool of experienced customer service reps. 
  • You won’t have to go through the hassle (and expense) of hiring and training temp workers. 
  • An outsourced provider can help you meet your increased customer demands during seasons or busy periods.

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Protect Your Customer Service Operations with OmniSecure

OmniSecure provides you with the highest level of security for customers’ data while ensuring our workers are who they say they are. We employ PCI, HIPAA, and SOC 2 compliance standards to protect your customer’s data and verify our workers during multiple stages in the sign-up process.

OmniSecure’s validation process offers an extra shield of safety and dependability, examining more than 200 data elements, scrutinizing the applicant’s facts via Threat Metrix, verifying identity with a photograph ID-selfie matchup, and validating IP addresses. With this level of protection in place, you can be sure that your customer support processes are guarded, reliable, and up to the task when busy times come around.

Consistently Saving Clients 25-50% on CX OpEx

Omni Interactions is the perfect solution for companies looking to rapidly grow their customer experience operations. Our remote workforce and precision staffing at 30-minute intervals ensure that you’re never overstaffed or understaffed while our AI and automation technology helps to quickly deflect low-value interactions and assist brand ambassadors, all of which translate into savings for your business. With Omni Interactions, you can enjoy the cost savings of remote workers without sacrificing the quality of your customer experience operations.

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Omni Partners with Rapid-Growth Healthcare Technology and Service Provider, Adding 300 Remote Brand Ambassadors in Just 5 Days

The client was experiencing a lot of growth. Originally they agreed to 42 remote brand ambassadors with Omni Interaction, but in less than one month they had an urgent need to increase to over 300 remote brand ambassadors. With Omni’s platform of over 75 thousand gig workers with healthcare experience, Omni easily filled the shifts, adding over 300 people in just 5 days. Omni can effortlessly scale remote workers up and down to meet the demand. In addition to scaling up and down to save the client money, Omni also schedules shifts in 30-minute increments for more accurate forecasting and efficiency.

“Omni is a true partner. I appreciate their speed to meet our increase in call volumes. They flexed from 40 to 300 workers in just 5 days.”

Rapid Growth Client

Launch Your CX to the Moon and Beyond!