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We partnered with industry analyst, Frost & Sullivan to create a savings calculator, so that you can see your savings by partnering with Omni, the most flexible provider of outsourced customer service.

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Trust the experts opinion on the Omni Interactions ROI Calculator

Omni's ROI Calculator has been certified by Frost & Sullivan for it's ability to show organizations their potential savings for outsourcing their customer service requirements.

Omni Improves Customer Satisfaction

Omni Interactions uses a flexible global workforce, AI, and Automation to save you money while improving customer satisfaction.

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Typical Areas of Savings with Omni

"Omni eliminates many costs for the customer by including all in-house expenses in a single Omni price."
- Frost & Sullivan


Quality Assurance Team

Coaches / Team Leaders

IT Support Personnel

Recruiting Personnel and Costs (Adverstising)

Classroom Personnel and Costs

Physical Location Costs

Annual Attrition Training

Equipment Costs

Equipment Logistics and Shipping

Background Checks

Employee Supplies and Other Expenses

Business Benefit and Impact

Omni takes a unique approach to segmenting its workers’ time to half of the industry norm: 30-minute increments rather than 60 minutes, enabling Omni’s unique flexibility and cost management among its contact centers peers. Workforce management, after all, is the highest cost for contact centers today.

Understanding the High Cost of Labor

Among the reasons why labor is the highest cost for contact centers is the amount of training, management support, and indirect costs inherent in any labor-dependent market. Omni eliminates these costs for the customer by including all in-house expenses in a single Omni price. This means that an Omni full time equivalent (FTE) is a full 40 hours a week, a 52-weeks-a-year solution for customers, which means maximizing dollars and saving significant costs in managing customer service. Additional costs covered within Omni pricing (driving significant savings to Omni’s customers) include physical assets, such as real estate and utilities, that could represent significant fixed costs unaffected by the topline of a company’s profit and loss (P&L).

Additional Costs to Consider

Businesses also have costs associated with agent attrition—where customer service is among the highest of any industry—that can both directly and indirectly total millions of dollars.

While multiple factors operate in the backend of Omni’s ROI calculator, the frontend captures three key factors: (i) agent pay, (ii) number of FTEs, and (iii) the average certification hours per agent. With these assumptions confirmed, companies can quickly see the savings afforded by Omni’s operations. For example, an agent wage of $18.50 per hour, with 100 FTEs and 40 average training hours per agent, yields an ROI in working with Omni of 37%!

Carbon Health

“Our cost savings using Omni are anywhere from 35% to 55% vs doing it in-house. For companies looking to outsource, you need to look at the cost holistically and not just the agent hourly rate.”

Mat Makay

Senior Director of Operations at Carbon Health

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