Consistent, Reliable, High-Quality Delivery with Automation

Each Year We Power:

72 K
RPA Actions
92 K
Power Automate Transactions
1 M+
Chat Bot Conversions
132 K
ICW Actions
180 K
Automated Text Messages

Generative AI and Automation to Power Better Customer Service

Omniverse is an AI-powered platform enabling our team to solve today’s biggest customer service challenges. The platform provides flexibility, speed of delivery, scalability, and boosts quality beyond what is provided by traditional outsourcers. The Omniverse is the backbone of Omni Interactions’ delivery strategy. The Omniverse empowers our global workforce with the tools, knowledge, and opportunities they require to deliver outstanding service to our clients’ customers.

Your Largest Customer Service Challenges Solved!

Omniverse is an intelligent platform that ensures we have the right person, at the right time, with the right information to interact with your customers.

Elastic Workforce

Launch new workers and programs in weeks instead of months

Effortlessly Scale

Add and remove workers to precisely staff for variable call volumes

Reduce Operating Expenses

Use AI and automation to streamline work to reduce delivery costs

Bots that Provide Consistent & Reliable Delivery

On Demand Scalability with a Cloud-First Strategy

We have adopted a ‘Cloud First Strategy’ with the aim to use cloud technologies to drive digital transformation and innovation, improve operational efficiency, faster time to market and reduce cost. By leveraging cloud services, we can take advantage of the scalability, flexibility, and accessibility of the cloud to better meet changing business needs and customer demands.

Increased Cost Savings with AI and Automation

To ensure data quality, reliable and timely delivery of data insights we have built a wrapper of Intelligent Automation around our data pipelines and transformation routines. A cohort of Chat-bots, Action-bots and Knowledge-bots boost capacity for key operational activities, improve accuracy and deliver cost efficiency through straight-through processing.

Partnering with the Best Technology

Omniverse is purpose built to increase efficiencies, cut costs, and provide a secure transfer of information. Have your own technology? No problem! We can work with that too.

Our Microservices strategy focuses on building optimized individual services that can be bundled to address large or complex business needs. Tech partners can effortlessly swap in and out while maintaining AI and Automation that comes with leveraging Omni as a contact center outsourcer.

Explore the Power of the Omniverse