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Save Money and Improve Customer Satisfaction

In today’s retail environment, it’s more important than ever to provide excellent customer service. But with tight budgets and limited resources, how can retail organizations provide the level of service their customers expect?

One solution is to outsource customer care to a retail BPO (business process outsourcing). By outsourcing customer service, retail businesses can save money while still providing the high levels of customer service that their customers expect. In addition, outsourcing customer care can help improve customer satisfaction by delivering faster response times and more knowledgeable customer service representatives.

Finding the Perfect Brand Ambassador

From the thousands of applications we receive, Omni selects only the most exceptional people–those who understand your brand–and connects them with your customers in a model that maximizes flexibility and total customer value.

We hire the best people from across the country, rather than only within driving distance of a physical call center, which means:

    • Immediate access to more applicants and increased selectivity
    • More mature, highly educated, and experienced people
    • Exceptional annualized attrition
    • Talent with specialized work experience, skill sets, and cultural fits

The work-at-home hiring model provides the broadest and deepest options for finding the best cultural fit to engage your customers and contribute internally to the overall mission and vision of your company.

Scale Your Customer Support Effortlessly While Maintaining Exceptional Customer Satisfaction

The push to grow your workforce during a seasonal or growth ramp can pose significant challenges and put a strain on your recruiting and HR resources. The Gig Worker model has proven to scale significantly over short periods to meet any growth needs.

Omni makes it easy to scale your customer support, even on short notice by giving you instant access to more experienced agents with specialized skill sets from across the U.S., increasing selectivity while relieving pressure on internal staff.

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Increase Your Revenue Through Customer Service Oriented Up-Sell and Cross-Selling

Omni has a demonstrated ability to source thousands of applicants every week. Within those large numbers, Omni finds people who can engage your customers for service-related needs and focus on increasing both total order values and lifetime customer value. 

For one of our well-known retail brands, Omni has proven our value with sales conversion and average order value rates that drive increases in revenue and customer value.

25% Cost Savings

More efficient staffing means an at-home environment can handle the same number of customer contacts as a traditional brick-and-mortar workforce, with no overhead or operating expenses. This translates to a 15% or more reduction in the workforce required to meet your customer engagement demands against both forecasted and unforecasted volumes.

With in-house or brick-and-mortar agents, there must be enough floor space to house and train seasonal staff, which is costly and inefficient.

However, with Gig Workers, there is no need to maintain extra physical space. Our virtual learning design means delivering training in 25% less time than in a physical training room. This means faster, more cost-effective seasonal or ramp training.

Reductions in training time drive related cost savings directly to the bottom line, while the removal of physical facility requirements cuts costs significantly. Especially in a seasonal environment where physical space is under-utilized the majority of the year.

Omni Partners With a Fast-Growing Retailer to Improve Customer Satisfaction Scores with Loyal Gig Brand Ambassadors

Because Omni took a specialized approach to find Gig Brand Ambassadors all across the US that perfectly matched the company’s brand, customer satisfaction ratings skyrocketed scoring 4.9 out of 5, and attrition is at a record 0%. With retailers experiencing growth and seasonality, a remote brand ambassador model offers the best results. Remote workers get to choose their schedule and work for a brand they love and trust, leading to less turnover and in turn, workers that know the brand. In addition to providing great customer support for their brand, Omni has also increased the company’s revenue.

“Thank you for your continuous support and for always being readily available when we need assistance.”
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4.9 out of 5

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Omni Selects Only The Most Exceptional People–Those Who Understand Your Brand–And Connects Them With Your Customers In A Model That Maximizes Flexibility And Total Customer Value.