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Save Money and Increase Revenue

In today’s retail industry, it’s more important than ever to provide excellent customer service. Retail call centers are often limited in terms of their budgets and resources. This raises the question: how can a retail company provide the level of service their customers expect?

One solution is to outsource customer care to a retail BPO (business process outsourcing) or retail call center outsourcing company. Outsourcing customer service can be cost-effective for retail businesses.

This enables them to provide excellent customer service. It also gives them the opportunity to focus on core aspects of their business. This is essential for meeting customer expectations. In addition, outsourcing customer care can help improve customer satisfaction by delivering faster response times and more knowledgeable customer service representatives.

Finding the Perfect Team

Omni selects only the most exceptional workers from thousands of applications. These people understand your brand and the retail sector. We connect them with your customers. This model maximizes flexibility and increases customer satisfaction and total customer value.

We recruit the best talent from all over the globe, not just those within driving distance of a physical call center. This means:

  • Immediate access to more applicants and increased selectivity
  • More mature, highly educated, and experienced people
  • Exceptional annualized attrition
  • Talent with specialized work experience, skill sets, and cultural fits

Scale Your Customer Support Effortlessly

Growing your workforce during seasonal growth or when experiencing an increase in customer orders can be difficult. It can put a strain on recruiting and HR resources. Omni can help scale your workforce significantly over short periods to meet any growth needs.

Omni simplifies scaling customer support. It can be done quickly, even on short notice. We provide instant access to experienced workers with specialized skills. This increases selectivity while taking pressure off internal staff.

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Up-Sell and Cross-Selling

Our sales conversion and average order value rates have driven increases in revenue and customer value. Omni has the ability to source thousands of applicants every week. Omni finds people who can engage your customers for service-related needs on all customer contact channels, including social media. This increases both total order values and lifetime customer value.  

25%-55% Cost Savings

Staffing is more efficient when done at home. The same number of customer contacts can be handled as in a traditional brick-and-mortar workplace.

This eliminates the overhead and operating expenses of contact centers. This means reducing the workforce by 15% or more. It will enable you to meet customer engagement demands for both forecasted and unforecasted volumes.

Companies must have enough floor space to hire and train seasonal staff when using in-house or brick-and-mortar agents. This comes with a high cost and is inefficient.

However, with remote workers, there is no need to maintain extra physical space. Our virtual learning design means delivering training in 25% less time than in a physical training room. This means faster, more cost-effective seasonal or ramp training.

Reductions in training time can result in cost savings. This savings is seen directly in the bottom line. Additionally, not needing physical facilities also contributes to cost savings. Especially in a seasonal environment where physical space is under-utilized the majority of the year.

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Omni Partners With a Fast-Growing Retailer to Improve Customer Satisfaction Scores

Omni took a specialized approach to finding retail workers across the US. This approach perfectly matched the company’s brand. As a result, customer satisfaction ratings skyrocketed to 4.9 out of 5. Additionally, attrition is at a record 0%. With retailers experiencing growth and seasonality, a remote brand ambassador model offers the best results.

Remote workers have more freedom to decide their working hours. Additionally, they get to work for a company they trust and admire. This leads to less staff turnover and consequently, employees that have a deeper understanding of the brand. In addition to providing great customer support for their brand, Omni has also increased the company’s revenue.

“Thank you for your continuous support and for always being readily available when we need assistance.”

Retail Client

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