Omni Interactions is passionate about the Gig Economy

We’re reimagining the virtual model in light of the burgeoning Gig Economy by connecting Gig Workers with the nation’s leading brands to deliver dependable, on-demand contact center solutions.

It’s What We Do

We are the most experienced work-at-home leadership team in the world. Our team has been supporting seasonal ramps, growth ramps, call center transformation efforts, work-at-home outsourcing, and work-at-home consulting for a combined 120 years. That’s more than 261,000 hours of call center and work-at-home customer service and sales support expertise.

The Most Experienced Work-From-Home Leadership Team in the World

Rob Duncan

Chairman, Founder
& Managing Partner

Chris Carrington

Chief Executive Officer
& Managing Partner

Courtney Meyers

Chief Innovation Officer
& Managing Partner

David Parkhurst

Chief Customer Officer
& Managing Partner

Elizabeth Capra

Chief Financial Officer
& Managing Partner

Gregory Hopkins

Board of Directors
& Managing Partner

Karen Pavicic

Chief Operating Officer
& Managing Partner

Kabir Bazliel

Chief Digital Officer
& Managing Partner

Meet our Gig Workers

We believe in the limitless potential of all people, and we believe that happy Gig Workers provide outstanding service.

Jennifer Perez tells you all about being an Account Manager at Omni


Zarah Butler SME tells you about Omni


Brandon Sutton Digital Learning Content Expert At Omni talks about his experience


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