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We're transforming the way the world works.

Omni is reinventing Work@Home by embracing the Gig Economy and providing clients with greater flexibility and exceptional talent.

The Omni Solution

Omni makes it easy to scale your customer support, even on short notice.


Shifting to the Gig Life

Brick-and-mortar doesn’t stand a chance.

Lower your total costs.

  • No physical facilities costs
  • Increased retention rates
  • Higher occupancies
  • Improved performance against key metrics
  • Forecast staffing efficiency
  • Less coaching time
  • Reduced sourcing and training timeframes


Digital Learning



Performance Results



Traditional Brick & Mortar

Hiring limited to a 30-mile radius of center

Traditional methods not optimal for knowledge transfer

Low job satisfaction and employee engagement

Primarily full-time shifts limit flexibility, increase staffing

Longer time to competency combined with attrition

Hiring challenges mean weeks to prepare for scalability

Illness, weather or natural disasters can shutter a center

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Nationwide sourcing for large, quality applicant pool

Adult learning theory & virtual delivery increase retention, reduce cost

Exceptional sourcing profile means higher work satisfaction

Responsive scheduling and forecasting in 15-minute micro-blocks

Better sourcing and certification for better customer interactions

25x more throughput of gig talent & digital learning

Business continuity is inherent in the model

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Resources for our clients' and GBAs' continued success.

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  • = Gig Resource

Omni is committed to growing our communities of GBAs who can represent brands across email, text, phone, chat, and social.



Great Pay


Mitigate Risk