Global Network of Workers for Seamless Scalability!

Deliver exceptional customer service where your customers are, where you can achieve the highest ROI, or in the language your customers prefer.

Network of 75,000 Experienced Workers Available World-wide

Whether you have a specific language need or a specific price point, Omni can find a location to fit your specifications. Our elastic workforce is the only model where workers can be sourced, certified, and on the phones within weeks regardless of location.

Continuously Growing Community of Workers

We’re proud of our growing community of high-quality workers who represent you across email, text, phone, chat, and social. Omni approaches hiring differently to provide the broadest and deepest options for the best cultural fit to engage your customers and contribute to your mission and vision.

Outsourcing Locations to Meet Your Organization's Needs

US-Based Outsourced Customer Service

Looking to increase efficiencies while remaining in the United States? Whether you have compliance requirements or just prefer native workers answering your customers’ calls, you can still save money while improving customer satisfaction with US-based workforce.

Omni has a proprietary business model providing an on-demand workforce, precision staffing, and innovative technology to save clients 25-55% on customer service operating expenses. We attract highly qualified workers while drastically reducing costs. AI and automated processes help to streamline our workers’ day-to-day so they can focus on providing excellent customer service.

Nearshore Flexible BPO Services

Omni currently offers nearshore solutions in Mexico and Guatemala for clients looking to cut costs while remaining nearshore in the same time zone. With the availability of talent, fast response times, and cultural affinity, nearshore outsourcing can be a great way to get ahead in the customer service game.

Offshore Outsourced Customer Service

Omni offers offshore solutions in the Philippines. With a vast pool of English-speaking workers, you can take advantage of round-the-clock customer service without the worry of language barriers. The Philippines’ call center industry has the strong backing of its government, making it a reliable and lucrative investment.

AI and Automation to Solve Your Top Customer Service Challenges

Omni harnesses AI to solve your most demanding customer service delivery challenges: workforce management, real-time management, and quality. It ensures we have the right person, at the right time, with the right information to interact with your customers.

Launch Your Customer Service to the Moon and Beyond!