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We’re not just your support team; we’re your revenue boosters. With us, your average order value skyrockets, and your sales conversions hit the stratosphere. It’s like having a dedicated sales force on call 24/7, ready to turn prospects into customers, and customers into lifelong fans. Let’s make your sales soar, the Omni way – because with us, every call is a potential jackpot! 

Increase in Revenue Through Cross-Sell and Upsell

Harry & David, a well-known business that specializes in offering gourmet food, fruit, and gifts utilized Omni as well as other vendors for their seasonal ramp. Omni had a sales conversion 13% higher than other vendors, with an 5% higher average order value. If Harry & David had used Omni Interactions for 100% of their holiday peak, they would have made $4 million more in revenue! 

"Omni provides us with outsourced solutions at a more affordable price while maintaining excellent customer satisfaction ratings and increasing sales."

Alice Warren
VP of Customer Intelligence at Thinx

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Omni Partners with Harry & David to Ramp Support Staff During the Holiday Season and Increase ROI

Learn how Omni scaled up and down 470 workers during peak volume and outperformed the other BPO vendors and their internal team.

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Higher Sales Conversion Rate


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