Travel and Hospitality BPO Services

Improve your customer service while reducing cost. Achieve seasonal flexibility with Omni Interactions.

Our Numbers Speak for Themselves

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Flex Up And Down For Your Travel Season

Omni Interactions provides the perfect solution for businesses that experience seasonal fluctuations in call volume. You can easily and quickly flex up and down to meet your seasonality needs with great precision. We have a global workforce with travel industry experience who are available to help you handle increased call volume during peak times like holidays or busy seasons. 

Plus, our rigorous recruitment process ensures that all our workers are qualified and trained to the highest standards. They are able to handle customer inquiries with the utmost professionalism and efficiency. If you need more support during busy times, our elastic workforce allows you to quickly scale up your team with talented professionals. And once the peak season is over, you can easily scale down your team to match your current needs.

Workers with Travel and Hospitality Industry Experience

‍Omni is the perfect partner to help your travel call center business navigate the complexities of customer engagement and improve operational efficiencies. With our state-of-the-art BPO services, we can quickly identify and source workers for your company who have the right skills and cultural fit.

We hire the best people from across the country, rather than only within driving distance of a physical call center, which means:

  • Immediate access to more applicants and increased selectivity
  • More mature, highly educated, and experienced people
  • Exceptional annualized attrition
  • Talent with specialized work experience, skill sets, and cultural fits


Our automatic processes make sure you get the perfect personnel, with the greatest expertise, in record time. With our extensive workforce, we can identify staff who have knowledge in your sector or even past experience at your company. Omni is the best option for discovering trusted representatives to communicate with your customers and improve customer satisfaction.

Exceptional Customer Service at a Reduced Cost

Omni Interactions provides flexible and scalable services for travel and hospitality companies, delivering exceptional customer service at up to 55% cost savings.

We offer solutions at all price points around the globe for travel companies including airlines, hotels, restaurants, car rentals, music, and sporting events:

Our BPO travel services help clients retain customers and strengthen market share in the travel and hospitality industry.

Try our travel BPO services today and see how we can help your business grow!

AI and Automation to Streamline Processes

We don’t bolt on sub-par customer-facing bots to jump on the AI train and claim ourselves to be innovative. At Omni Interactions, we use the latest technology, AI, and automation in our back-office processes to help you deliver the best customer service. 

Our automated processes can drastically streamline customer conversations, assist agents with difficult tasks, and provide key metrics to clients so they can better understand their customers’ needs.

Save 25-55% on Operating Expenses

Omni saves clients 25-55% on customer service operating expenses. We forgo all the expenses associated with running a physical call center location. We staff in 30-minute increments offering the most precise staffing in the industry. Add in AI and automation and you have a highly cost-effective solution for your travel and hospitality business.

Launch Your Customer Service to the Moon and Beyond!