Omni Partners With a Fast-Growing Retailer to Improve Customer Satisfaction Scores with Loyal Brand Advocates

Learn how Omni was able to score a 4.9 out of 5 customer satisfaction rating and 100% retention of remote brand ambassadors.


Retention Rate

2 week


4.9 out of 5

CSAT Rating

The Company

A New York-Based Retail Company Experiencing Rapid Growth

Thinx, a New York-based retail company, experienced rapid growth after recognition by TIME as one of the best high-tech merchandise inventions and was named one of the most innovative companies by Fast Company. With a growing customer base, the company wanted to partner with an experienced Business Outsource Provider (BPO) to handle all inbound customer calls. Because Thnx is fiercely dedicated to providing exceptional customer experiences, they wanted to partner with a BPO that could provide tailored services and a team of brand advocates that would embody the brand of the retailer.

The company’s growth was fueled by innovative TV ads and seasonal sales that caused spikes over multiple customer contact channels. Thinx needed a partner to handle their high volume of chats and calls from customers. They wanted their brand promise to be echoed over all channels to provide a consistent experience through the entire customer journey. Thinx cared so much about customer satisfaction, they didn’t even want traditional call center KPIs like average handle time to be tracked. 

The Challenge

Locating Brand Advocates That Could Connect With Customers

One of the biggest challenges in in customer service is ensuring that the right people are hired to interact with your customers. As a retailer with a unique brand, the company needed brand advocates who could live and breathe the company brand to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction and increase revenue.

Thinx chose Omni because they needed a trusted partner that would not only reduce their cost of customer support but hire dedicated brand advocates to keep customer satisfaction ratings high. Being a New York-based company, the cost of an in-house team would have been much higher than the solution provided by Omni.

"Omni provides us with outsourced customer care at a more affordable price while maintaining excellent customer satisfaction ratings and increased sales."

How Omni Responded

Omni had Brand Advocates Hired, Trained, and Interacting With Customers in Just Two Weeks

With Omni’s 120+ years of customer service experience, they knew exactly how to find brand advocates who would continue to elevate the customer experience of Thinx. Because there was an urgent need to solve a high volume of customer inquiries, Omni had the first wave of brand advocates hired, trained, and interacting with customers in just two weeks. With Omni Interactions, they were able to create a personalized and engaging customer experience on all channels.

Thinx experienced large spikes in volume throughout the first year because the COVID pandemic increased online shopping and inbound calls and chats. During this time, as well as during the company’s two annual sales, the Omni team increased the number of advocates on the account and increased hours to compensate for the higher volumes.

By outsourcing their customer interactions with Omni Interactions, they were able to focus on ensuring their customers have the best possible experience while still meeting their financial goals. With the ability to access customer data and analytics in real-time, they were able to quickly identify areas where they could improve their service levels and make adjustments accordingly.

The Results

Omni’s Brand Advocates Score 4.9 Out of 5 in Customer Satisfaction

Because Omni took a specialized approach to find true advocates of Thinx, customer satisfaction ratings skyrocketed scoring 4.9 out of 5, and attrition is at a record 0%. With retailers experiencing growth and seasonality, Omni’s model offers the best results. Omni helps answer customers’ questions, engage in upselling, and also provide callbacks to customers to continue to improve satisfaction and sales.

The customer experience rating with Omni is so high, Thinx conducted its own internal research to better understand how it could implement some of Omni’s best practices into its own internal customer support organization to create a more consistent customer experience. Because of the great results experienced in year one, the retailer continues to partner with Omni Interactions for annual inbound customer support as well as handling the seasonal spikes they experience throughout the year.

Why Omni for Retail?


Total Cost Savings



680 bp

Improvement in Customer Satisfaction

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