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Don’t let rigid data-entry operations hold you back. Embrace flexibility with Omni Interactions’ outsourced data entry solutions.

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Building Your Dedicated Team

Our outsourced back-office support team doesn’t just balance your books; they juggle the numbers, catch loose ends, and turn data into a dazzling performance! Bid farewell to the back-office blues and say hello to a world where paperwork, payroll, and processes are as smooth as a well-oiled machine. Let’s take your business backstage, where the real magic happens, and turn your back-office into a standing ovation-worthy show! 

Scalable and Ready When You Need Us

Having trouble dealing with back-office tasks during certain times of year or even days and hours? Scale up your back-office team in an instant with the help of on-demand workers. Omni will fill all open slots quickly so you can keep up with demand—all in 30-minute increments for maximum efficiency. 

"Our cost savings using Omni are anywhere from 35% to 55% vs doing it in-house. For companies looking to outsource, you need to look at the cost holistically and not just the agent hourly rate.”

Mat Makay
Senior Director of Operations at Carbon Health

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Omni Partners With California State Government To Help CA Residents Pay The Rent

Learn how Omni was able to ramp up 650 Workers to assist in resolving 127,149 cases and remedying the backlog issues in just three weeks time.

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Cases Resolved


Omni Partners With the Largest Healthcare Company to Ramp Up For Insurance Welcome Season

Learn how Omni's operational team was able to ramp up 500 professionals in a matter of weeks, through Omni's healthcare community of over 76,000 workers.

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Increase in Close Rate

Launch Your Back-Office to the Moon and Beyond!