Omni Partners With the Largest Healthcare Company to Ramp Up For Insurance Welcome Season

Learn how Omni's operational team was able to ramp up 500 professionals in a matter of weeks, through Omni's healthcare community of over 76,000 workers.




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The Company

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A top five healthcare and pharmacy company on the Fortune 500 was working with
a multinational IT services and consulting company headquartered in Europe for customer support functions. As “welcome season” approached – their busiest time – they needed to rapidly add 500 individuals to assist with handling complex prescription medication and insurance analysis. The work involves extensive documentation review, case management and outbound confirmation phone calls to healthcare customers. They reached out to Omni Interactions in early October to partner with their existing BPO and have a new group rostered immediately. Omni began sourcing workers immediately and began the first certification program on October 27, just three weeks after the first discussions between the companies. The sourcing process included background checks and drug testing, all during peak COVID. By December, Omni had 500 workers in production and meeting key metrics.

Based on the East Coast, this American healthcare company owns a pharmacy chain that boasts almost 10,000 retail locations, a pharmacy benefits management company and a health insurance provider among other brands. They aim to be partners in one’s health care needs at every step.

The Challenge

500 Workers Required for Insurance Welcome Season

With October through March being the pharmacy’s peak season – known as “welcome season” when they process new insurance plans – the healthcare company needed to supplement their existing agents and quickly ramp up an additional 500 workers to lead complex back office and phone-based work reviewing prescription exceptions related to insurance coverage. Omni was asked to supplement the staff of their incumbent partner to source experienced healthcare professionals to perform the work while adding significant scale and flexibility. The global IT services company chose to subcontract this work through Omni due to a proven ability to ramp rapidly, referrals from current clients and a history of solid performance with other healthcare partners.

"We truly appreciate the flexibility and hours put into this launch. We could not have done it without Omni."

How Omni Responded

Omni Relied on It’s Healthcare Community of More Than 76,000 Workers

Omni’s operational delivery team, as well as all processes and procedures, have been specifically crafted to allow for scalability, flexibility, and quality delivery, even when timelines are short. To ramp to 500 workers in a matter of weeks the Omni sourcing team was able to start searching for exceptional talent within our ‘Healthcare Community’ of more than 76,000 individuals. Omni has a number of communities of fully vetted workers that match their experience, skill sets, and schedule availability.

Omni was also able to assist the client through the re-imagination of their existing curriculum that was utilized to certify healthcare professionals. Internally, the client would hold classes, with someone walking through a PowerPoint slide deck. Omni incorporated a more hands-on approach to make sure workers understood the material on a deeper level. Workers started in the back office in October, checking orders and prescriptions. The client did not expect the amount of work we could get done, so changed our team to taking phone calls in December. This was an added dynamic we had not planned for, so everyone needed new certification and it needed to happen in a matter of weeks.

The Results

Omni Meets Key Production Metrics with Over 500 Healthcare Workers

By the beginning of the “welcome season,” we had 500 workers in production and meeting key performance metrics. The Omni team immediately achieved 92.21% in Quality, more than 200 basis points above the goal, and 2.9 tickets per hour handled, which exceeded the target by 11%. The client was pleased with how fast we were able to ramp for the peak season numbers and consequently quickly increased hours, while the global IT services company appreciated our ability to staff rapidly, and meet the requirements and KPIs. We also impacted all go-forward business best practices, with both companies seeing they could save money and have better processes related to training/certification, ramp speed, and quality of delivery.

Because of the launch and ramp successes, Omni’s original seasonal contract, which was to end in March, was extended indefinitely. As part of the new contract terms, Omni moved to a pay-per-transaction model. The parties agreed to a per-completed ticket compensation with a quality score requirement. Workers are compensated on an outcomes basis as well, meaning that there is perfect alignment between the client, Omni, and our healthcare workers that maximizes performance. This structure compels a focus on being efficient and productive. It’s also a great motivator for our team, as they are put in the driver’s seat and can increase the amount they can make.

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