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Rapid Response Solutions

Your brand needs great people to engage your customers – and you need them now. Omni can help with turkey solutions using remote, Gig Workers in the United States.

Whether you are a retailer preparing for their seasonal peak or a healthcare company staffing for open enrollment, Omni has the proven ability to ramp tens, hundreds or even thousands of fully certified Gig Brand Ambassadors to meet your outsourced customer support needs. 

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Introducing our Gig Workers Bill of Rights.

People matter. We put the welfare of gig workers front and center.

Why Omni?

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Omni’s community of passionate Gig Brand Ambassadors are selected specifically to represent your brand.

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We respond efficiently to meet the ever-changing workforce requirements of our clients through the highs and lows.

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lower costs

Our more efficient model means our clients enjoy a lower price point while we strive to be a compensation leader.

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 Omni’s distributed workforce and cloud-based platform mitigate your risk from natural disasters, pandemics and other business interruptions.

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We provide a variety of endpoint security solutions that exceed industry standards to ensure your data is safe.

Delivering the Best Customer Experiences

Omni selects exceptional people who understand your business and connects them with your customers in a model that maximizes flexibility and total customer value.

Is your W@H workforce falling short in these 5 areas?

Omni’s Chief Revenue Officer, David Parkhurst a 20-year veteran of work-at-home, shares the most important areas of focus to advance your at-home delivery.

Omni Featured on CBSN

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Tune in for insights on how we’re working to bring 500 people into our remote work community—during the next 45 days.

What's in a name?

Our GBAs are independent contractors who have specialized skills in order to represent a particular brand consistently across all channels.

We are also reinventing how gig workers are treated – improving earning opportunities and forming Communities of Interests, in which GBAs who share similar special skills can connect and feel a sense of belonging.

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Resources for our clients' and GBAs' continued success.

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  • = Gig Resource

Omni is committed to growing our communities of GBAs who can represent brands across email, text, phone, chat, and social.



Great Pay


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