Omni Partners with Innovative Healthcare Technology and Service Provider, Adding 300 Remote Brand Ambassadors in Just 5 Days

Learn how Omni helps with peak call volume on Monday's and weekday mornings with over 300 flexible remote brand ambassadors.



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The Company

High Call Volumes on Mondays and Weekday Mornings

A tech-driven business determined to clear the way for healthcare by elevating non-emergency medical transportation services around the US. With their advanced technology and vast network of approved transport suppliers, the company offers an efficient, budget-friendly solution that also enhances the patient journey – servicing some of America’s leading Medicare Advantage, Medicaid and care provider programs. They needed to partner with an outsourced provider of customer support in order to solve problems around call volumes. They also needed to keep service levels high while keeping costs low, so they could continue to pass on lower costs to their customers. They were experiencing high volume hours on Mondays, weekday mornings, and seasonal spikes.

“It is the perfect example of where the client needs for flexible intraday staffing, growth, and customer satisfaction match with Omni’s key differentiators – staffing to variable requirements at the interval level, unlimited scale, and broad access to talented remote workers."

David Parkhurt, Chief Customer Officer at Omni Interactions

The Challenge

24/7 Support Even on Weekends

The need for healthcare services doesn’t stop on weekends, overnight, or Holidays. The company needed to provide 24/7 365 support to its customers but was unable to staff efficiently due to spikes in call volumes throughout the week and year. They would see large spikes in calls on Mondays, weekday mornings, and other seasonal spikes. If they tried to staff internally, they would experience hours during the day when there were not enough calls for the staffed agents, creating unproductive hours and increased costs. Additionally, there would be hours in which call traffic exceeded the amount that agents were able to handle, meaning customer calls were not being answered quickly. When dealing with customers who are looking for transportation to hospitals and doctors’ appointments, timely support is critical.

"Omni is a true partner. I appreciate their speed to meet our increase in call volumes. They flexed from 40 to 300 workers in just 5 days."


How Omni Responded

Remote Brand Ambassadors with Healthcare Experience

Omni Interactions has access to top talent from across the nation with its proprietary sourcing model. Instead of hiring in one physical location, Omni attracted remote workers that have more education and experience than the typical call center agent. Additionally, because Omni can hire across the nation, they have a network of over 75 thousand remote workers with dedicated experience in the healthcare industry.

“We continue to grow in the healthcare industry because of our ability to source remote brand ambassadors skilled in the healthcare industry to provide compliant, compassionate, and elevated customer care.”

Chris Carrington, CEO at Omni Interactions

The Results

Omni Scales to Meet Growing Demands and High Call Volumes

They originally agreed to 42 remote brand ambassadors. In less than one month, after seeing the success of the program, they increased their contract to 300+ total remote workers. Because Omni has an active platform with over 75 thousand remote brand ambassadors with healthcare experience, Omni easily filled the shifts, adding over 300 people in just 5 days. Omni can effortlessly scale remote workers up and down to meet the demand. In addition to scaling up and down to save the client money, Omni also schedules shifts in 30-minute increments for more accurate forecasting and efficiency.

Omni exceeded all expectations by ramping up 300 people in 5 days. The client was impressed that Omni could scale up to meet their call volume in such a short amount of time, stating “Omni is a true partner. I appreciate their speed to meet our increase in call volumes. They flexed from 40 to 300 workers in just 5 days.” In addition to speed and flexibility, Omni’s skilled workers are providing high-quality services to citizens in need.

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