Omni Partners with Carbon Health to Provide Nearshore Urgent Care Patient Support at a 35%+ Reduced Cost

Learn how Omni was able to improve customer service quality while drastically reducing cost with nearshore workers.







The Company

Omnichannel Appointment Setting for an Innovative Healthcare Provider

Carbon Health is an innovator in the healthcare industry, always striving to provide the best patient experience. Carbon Health offers same-day primary and urgent care appointments as well as digital channels to speak with healthcare professionals like chat and video calls. This requires a lot of patient support including pre-visit support and appointment scheduling and post-visit support and services for hundreds of clinics nationwide. Carbon Health was working with an existing BPO that didn’t provide enough flexibility in staffing to account for intraday and intra-week changes in call volume.

“We interviewed multiple outsource companies and Omni rose to the top. Based on the quality of service they were able to provide, the extreme flexibility, and low rate, Omni was awarded the contract. They’ve done a great job.”

The Challenge

Omnichannel Support with Massive Company Growth and Change Management

Carbon Health needed a provider that could grow with them and change with their evolving needs. The healthcare industry is constantly changing, and Omni is a partner that responds quickly to the changing needs of clients. HIPAA changes, headcount and call volume changes, and growth have all been managed with ease.

Omni manages patient-facing interactions as well as hardware support for medical devices such as blood pressure cuffs. Omni utilizes omnichannel technology to provide patient services over the phone, emails, text/SMS, chat, and fax.

“I’ve been in the contact center world for 20 years and I’ve worked with a lot of vendors. Partnering with Omni is like partnering with their executive team. They’re just awesome people to work with and bring a level of transparency and honesty I hadn’t experienced before. Our quality scores have been some of the highest that we’ve ever had from a vendor perspective. I highly recommend Omni.”

How Omni Responded

35-55% Cost Savings with Precision Staffing and Nearshore Workers

With constant increases in healthcare costs, Carbon Health is always looking for ways to keep costs down for its patients. In addition to having an internal team, they needed a low-cost outsourcer to handle more redundant processes while still providing quality care. “I was facing issues with our other providers. We were either overcharged or not provided with the level of quality needed. With Omni we have the most utilized dollar at the end of the day,” said Makay.

With Omni, Makay no longer needed to worry about 15% shrinkage, PTO and sick time, coaching leads, managers, supervisors, and equipment costs.

When Carbon Health needed to cut costs further, the company switched from Omni’s onshore outsourcing solution to its nearshore solution with workers located in Guatemala. “As companies in the country today face economic challenges, they can use Omni to reduce costs while providing the same quality. With the Guatemala offering, not only did I have a significant rate reduction, but I was also able to get the same quality support with hours aligned to the US,” said Makay.

Omni provides Carbon Health with increased flexibility by staffing workers in 30-minute increments. This ensures that people are available for calls when needed but clients do not pay for idle time when call volumes are low.

“My management costs are 75% lower because I don’t have to worry about covering my coaching leads or frontline supervisors and managers. Our cost savings using Omni are anywhere from 35% to 55% vs doing it in-house. For companies looking to outsource, you need to look at the cost holistically and not just the agent hourly rate.”

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