Omni Partners with Harry & David to Ramp Support Staff During the Holiday Season and Increase ROI

Learn how Omni scaled up and down 470 workers during peak volume and outperformed the other BPO vendors and their internal team.







The Company

Seasonal Retailer Highly Dependent on Seasonal Revenue

Harry & David is a well-known business that specializes in offering gourmet food, fruit, and gifts. During the holiday season, they see a large increase in purchases and customer calls, requiring them to ramp up support staff in order to handle those calls and capture all the holiday revenue. Because the holiday ramp is short-term, Harry & David wanted to outsource this additional call volume to a BPO. 

The Challenge

Ramping with On-Demand Workers to Meet Holiday Customer Demand 

That’s when they turned to Omni, a BPO that has a network of over 75,000 gig workers. Gig workers are perfect for short-term, seasonal projects because they are available on demand and can be quickly trained on the new project. This allowed Harry & David to quickly ramp up their support staff to handle the increased call volume during the holiday season. With the help of Omni, Harry & David was able to provide customers with the support they needed during the busy holiday season.

How Omni Responded

Increase in Average Order Value Through Up-Sell 

The results were impressive. Omni outperformed the other BPO providers in terms of both close rate and average deal size. Not only that, but their cross-sell and upsell efforts during the holiday season were especially effective, resulting in an increase in revenue for Harry & David. With their help, Harry & David was able to achieve their desired goals and meet customer demands during the peak season. 

Improves Conversion Rate and CSAT 

The combination of quality customer service and effective cross-selling and upselling efforts resulted in an increase in sales conversion rate for Harry & David. This was due to Omni’s ability to provide better customer service than any other BPO provider that Harry & David had worked with before. With their help, Harry & David was able to increase their customer loyalty and satisfaction. 

The Results

Omni Outperforms on All KPIs

Omni exceeded all expectations by getting 470 gig workers trained and on the phones during peak season. The client was unsure that Omni could deliver a team of trained Gig Workers, but within days they trusted Omni and the Gig Worker model for filling the holiday shifts. 

Omni was able to convert 62% of customer calls into sales. This was 13% higher than other BPO partners working on the holiday ramp. Omni’s average order value was also the highest at $175, over $8 higher than other vendors. Based on the call volume and Omni’s KPIs in comparison to other vendors, if Omni had 100% of the seasonal business, Harry & David would have increased their holiday revenue by over $4 million dollars.

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