Omni Interactions Strengthens Commitment to Elevating Customer Service in the Healthcare Industry with New Client Partnership

Omni partners with leading healthcare technology and advisory services company who services nine of the top ten health plans. 

Denver, CO, January 25, 2024– Omni Interactions, winner of 2023 Outsource Partner of the Year, proudly announces its latest venture into the healthcare industry with a strategic partnership aimed at providing supplemental benefits work. Recognizing the critical nature of this collaboration, Omni Interactions is dedicated to addressing unique challenges, including unexpected attrition in production and training classes, resulting in a need for a quick support solution. 

In an industry where precision and reliability are paramount, the client faced an unforeseen situation with unexpectedly heavy attrition in key training programs. Compounded by the imperative that agents must be based in the U.S., the company has swiftly partnered with Omni Interactions to ensure uninterrupted service delivery. 

As part of their supplemental benefits work, Omni Interactions will support staffing needs to handle cyclical call volume, particularly related to the quarterly supplemental benefit allowance for Medicare Advantage members. This includes peak call times in January, April, July, October, and December. The services provided will encompass a range of critical areas such as catalog orders, benefit questions, retail orders support, and general member inquiries. 

With an eye on delivering exceptional service, Omni Interactions anticipates the need for 400 full-time customer service representatives during peak call times. This proactive approach ensures that the company is well-equipped to handle the demands of the healthcare industry and provide seamless support to Medicare Advantage members. 

“We are excited to gain another client in the healthcare sector and contribute to the well-being of Medicare Advantage members,” said Courtney Meyers, Co-CEO at Omni Interactions. “Our rapid response to unexpected challenges demonstrates our commitment to delivering high-quality customer engagement solutions and supporting our clients in every way possible,” Karen Pavicic, Co-CEO at Omni Interactions replied. 

Omni Interactions remains focused on maintaining excellence in customer service while expanding its footprint in the healthcare industry. The company’s dedication to meeting the unique needs of its clients positions it as a trusted partner in the dynamic world of customer engagement solutions. 

About Omni Interactions 

Winner of Outsource Provider of the Year, Pandemic Tech Innovation of the Year, and finalist for CCW BPO of the Year and CCW Workforce Innovation of the Year, Omni Interactions is the fastest-growing BPO in the US ranking #170 on the Inc. 5000. Its winning strategy is comprised of a unique business model utilizing remote brand ambassadors and AI-powered cloud-based technology to provide on-demand, scalable, omnichannel customer experience at a 25%+ lower cost. Frost & Sullivan analyst, Michael DeSalles stated “Omni Interactions solves many of today’s current CX challenges with an innovative business model that combines automation with people-based support.” 

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