Political Call Center Services for Your Political Telemarketing and Political Phone Banking Campaigns

Omni Interactions can assist your campaign with telemarketing, increasing recognition for your candidate, and gaining insight into the public’s stance. Unlock its potential!

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Fundraising & Political Campaign Call Center

Omni Interactions provides a full suite of political phone call center services to meet the needs of political campaigns. Our call center services include lead generation, voter registration, fundraising, outbound calling to a list of contacts phone numbers, and more.

Our political contact center services are designed to help political campaigns reach their target audiences of potential voters, spread awareness, and gain insight into public opinion. Our global workforce is dedicated to providing quality service and reliable results.

The Omni Interactions team is committed to delivering the highest quality service in the industry. We are dedicated to providing our clients with a comprehensive suite of political call center solutions tailored to their specific objectives. Our team will work closely with you to identify the best strategies and approaches for your campaign. With our experienced staff, we can help you enhance your outreach efforts and ensure that your campaign runs smoothly.

Scalable Voter Outreach

Omni selects only the most exceptional workers from thousands of applications to reach voters. Our workforce has experience working on political campaigns. We connect them with constituents. We can easily search our network of over 110,000 workers to find those that align with your political calling needs.

We recruit the best talent from all over the globe, not just those within driving distance of a physical call center. This means:

  • Immediate access to more applicants and increased selectivity
  • More mature, highly educated, and experienced people
  • Exceptional annualized attrition
  • Talent with specialized work experience, skill sets, and political fits

Scale Up and Down Instantly for Political Campaigns

We understand that political campaigns can require rapid scaling up and back down. We are able to quickly provide the needed resources. Our platform allows us to scale our workforce up or down in weeks or days, depending on the needs of the campaign.

We can provide seasonal, intraweek, and intraday scalability. Whether calling for voter registration, voter identification, get-out-the-vote (vote GOTV calls), or high-volume voter contact for election campaigns leading up to election day.

Outsource your Political Campaigns to the Leading provider of on-demand contact center services

AI and Automation for Cost Effective Outreach

Our platform leverages cutting edge AI, process automation, predictive dialer, and manual dialing phone banking tools to assist representatives in their calls in real time. This helps to reduce costs while reaching a large number of constituents. It also enables the representatives to focus more on having meaningful conversations with constituents, rather than spending time on mundane tasks. AI and process automation create a better experience for the representatives.

25%-55% Cost Savings

By leveraging Omni companies can realize cost savings of up to 25%-55%. This is due to the reduced overhead costs from not having to maintain physical space and precision staffing created with 30-minute increment shifts.

Additionally, our virtual learning design can deliver training in 25% less time than traditional BPOs and in-house teams, which translates to cost savings as well. By utilizing the Omni platform, companies can greatly reduce their overhead costs while still being able to reach a larger number of constituents.

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