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Citizen-Centric Customer Service on a Tight Budget

Government agencies and companies that act as their prime contractors face the challenge of providing excellent customer service while operating under tight budgets. Finding people with government experience who understand the unique needs of constituents can be a daunting task. With Omni’s outsourced customer experience solutions, federal, state, and local governments can quickly ramp up for seasonal volume increases, bring on specialized individuals with government experience, or free up budget for other initiatives.

Finding Talent with Government Experience

Our team of highly trained remote brand ambassadors is skilled in handling a wide variety of constituent calls, from inquiries about benefits and services to resolving complaints. From the thousands of applications we receive, Omni selects only the most exceptional people – those with government experience who understand the specific needs of constituents and can provide excellent customer service.  

Rather than limiting our search for top talent to just those in a certain geographic area, we’ve opened it up nationwide – giving us immediate access to more candidates and allowing us to be even more selective. This lets us secure mature, well-rounded workers with expertise in their field as well as the skillset, cultural alignment, and work history that perfectly fits your company’s mission and vision. Plus, since they’re working from home with schedule flexibility, they have more of an incentive to stay – increasing retention rates significantly! 

Use Omni for Growth, Seasonality, or Short-Term Projects

Outsourced customer experience solutions are ideal for managing volume increases or seasonal fluctuations in call volumes. Our omnichannel approach allows state and local governments to quickly ramp up their customer service efforts with minimal overhead costs while providing the best possible customer experience. 

Omni takes the hassle out of rapidly scaling your customer service, providing immediate access to well-trained and highly skilled talent from all over the US for more targeted assistance – freeing up your own team in the process. 

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PCI Level 1 and SOC2 Type II

We provide the highest level of security with PCI Level 1 and SOC2 Type II certifications, ensuring that all data is securely stored and handled in accordance with industry standards. Our PCI Level 1 certification guarantees the protection of credit card details by adhering to a set of conditions laid out in the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards. This makes sure that any firms that process, manage, save, or transmit data related to credit cards have a secure system.  

A SOC 2 Type II report evaluates how companies guard their customers’ data as well as if these safety protocols are functioning properly. Enterprises using cloud services rely on SOC 2 reports to analyze and tackle potential risks from third-party technologies. These audits conducted by external auditors examine Omnis’s security and privacy management systems based on four key categories: Safety, Accessibility, Discretionary Usage, and Privacy.

25% Cost Savings

Omni clients can save 25% on customer experience operations because they utilize remote brand ambassadors which cuts the cost of a physical location while maintaining high customer satisfaction. Through proprietary sourcing and virtual learning, Omni can train agents 25% faster and has an attritional rate 60% lower than other BPOs.  

With more efficient staffing, an at-home workforce can handle more customer interactions leading to additional cost savings. Additional cost savings come from our advanced scheduling and 30-minute shifts. By allowing workers to choose their own schedules in 30-minute increments, there is never an excess of workers or a lack of workers. 

Omni Partners With California State Government to Help CA Residents Pay the Rent

A government services company was backlogged with rent relief cases for the State of California. They came to Omni to help in this urgent situation as the rental assistance program (RAP) was reaching its cutoff date and if those cases weren’t cleared, they would not receive the much-needed help. Omni implemented an “Instalaunch and rostered 650 Gig Brand Ambassadors (GBAs) within three weeks. The client anticipated it would take us about a month to go through the more than 10,000 cases, however, we completed it in three weeks. 

"We wouldn't have been able to get caught up on our backlog by the deadline without Omni's help."
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