Omni and Leading Dental Supply and Solution Company Forge Transformative Three-Year Partnership Across Seven Business Lines

Denver, CO, March 12, 2024– Omni Interactions, a leading Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) partner, proudly announces a successful three-year partnership with a renowned dental supply and solution company, recognized as a global leader in the industry. The collaboration spans seven diverse business lines, addressing crucial challenges the dental solutions provider faces. 

The leading dental supply and solution company faced significant obstacles in managing back-office operations, particularly with a substantial backlog and the intricate handling of promotional requests from representatives and distributors. The partnership with Omni aimed to streamline processes, enhance operational efficiency, and elevate customer service standards. 

“The backlog was impacting multiple facets of our customer support functions. Omni provided an effective solution that not only addressed the backlog but also freed up time for our customer service representatives to focus on more value-added tasks,” said the company’s Director of Customer Service. 

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The Challenge: Addressing Backlog Issues 

The pressing challenge involved a substantial six-month backlog of promotional requests, impacting customer support and sales functions. The collaboration with Omni sought to relieve this backlog and improve overall operational efficiency. 

“Omni provides terrific value, and their business model attracts a higher level of talent for those professionals who are seeking a flexible and remote work schedule. I give Omni a process that needs to be managed, and after the initial training, they manage it in its entirety, including performance management, turnover, training, etc.,” said the company’s Director of Customer Service. 

The Results: Achieving Operational Excellence 

“The partnership with the leading dental supply and solution company exemplifies Omni’s commitment to driving transformative outcomes. Our expertise in streamlining processes not only reduced the backlog from six months to just two weeks but also empowered the company to elevate its customer experience and boost sales performance. Covering seven lines of business, including email, back office, and inbound phone interactions, our collaboration showcases the versatility of our services. By leveraging a global pool of 110,000 pre-vetted workers, Omni seamlessly supported critical functions such as customer service, back-office operations, and sales support, contributing to the partnership’s overall success.” – Karen Pavicic, Co-CEO of Omni Interactions  

Key achievements include an order accuracy rate exceeding the targeted 99.95%, reaching an impressive 99.97%. The program also achieved a notable 96.83% Quality Assurance score, highlighting Omni’s commitment to delivering high-quality services consistently. 

Read the Full Customer Success Story 

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