Omni Interactions Offers Continued Customer Experience Support to One of the Largest Healthcare Companies

Omni Interactions to provide consistent, reliable, high-quality customer service year-round and during peak call volumes and open enrollment 

Denver, CO, August 9, 2023– Omni Interactions, Outsource Partner of the Year Winner, is proud to announce the continued steady-state customer experience and a 400 gig worker ramp during open enrollment for one of the largest healthcare companies 

The partnership between Omni Interactions and the company began in 2021 and has been highly successful, providing customers with a seamless and consistent patient experience. The extension of the contract ensures that the highest quality of care continues to be provided, as well as guaranteeing the organization’s ramp remains on track.  

“We are thrilled to extend our partnership with this enterprise healthcare company for another two years,” said Omni Interactions Co-CEO, Courtney Meyers. “The success of this relationship has been a testament to our ability to provide customers with the highest quality customer experience.” 

Omni Interactions has achieved the company’s staffing needs while dramatically increasing productivity through AI and Automation. By moving away from the traditional per hour per agent pricing model and using an outcomes-based pricing model, the client saves money while improving customer satisfaction, and gig workers on the program earn more than typical hourly rates. Omni Interactions also revolutionized the client’s training model leading to shorter certifications times, improved worker retention, and improved customer satisfaction. 

 Omni Interactions is committed to providing the most comprehensive customer experience possible, and this contract extension further confirms that commitment. With this extension, the healthcare client can be confident that their customers will receive consistent and reliable service and a user-friendly open enrollment process. 

“At Omni Interactions, we strive to ensure our clients are able to provide their customers with the best possible experience,” said Omni Interactions Co-CEO, Karen Pavicic. “We are proud to continue our partnership with one of the largest healthcare companies and look forward to helping them excel in providing customer service.” 

Omni Interactions is a go-to for the healthcare industry, providing top-notch customer experiences for some of the biggest names in the business. They currently provide outsourced customer experience to one of the largest healthcare companies in the world, one of the largest pharmacies supporting 11 million Americans, innovative healthcare technology and medical transportation service providers, and urgent care customer support. Omni Interactions was one of the most sought-after BPO partners during COVID-19, even garnering recognition from TMCnet with their Pandemic Tech Innovation of the Year Award. 

About Omni Interactions 

Winner of Outsource Provider of the Year, Pandemic Tech Innovation of the Year, and finalist for CCW BPO of the Year and CCW Workforce Innovation of the Year, Omni Interactions is the fastest-growing BPO in the US ranking #341 on the Inc. 5000. Its winning strategy is comprised of a unique business model utilizing remote brand ambassadors and AI-powered cloud-based technology to provide on-demand, scalable, omnichannel customer experience at a 25%+ lower cost. Frost & Sullivan analyst, Michael DeSalles stated “Omni Interactions solves many of today’s current CX challenges with an innovative business model that combines automation with people-based support.” 

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