Omni Interactions’ Growth Continues by Helping Clients Overcome Nationwide Hiring Challenges

Gig Economy stalwart grows 241% YOY for Q2 2021

Denver, CO. – July 20, 2021 — Omni Interactions (“Omni”), the premier virtual technology platform for the Gig Economy, today announced its business results for the second quarter of 2021. The company ended the quarter with 241% revenue growth year over year. Omni signed two new enterprise clients, four existing client expansions and eight new lines of business. Based on these new signings, Omni anticipates a second straight year of record growth and profitability paralleling the growth in the nationwide use of the Gig Economy. Per a recent McKinsey study, more than 55 million Americans participate in the US Gig Economy – a figure with an estimated 12% CAGR.

“More and more, enterprise clients are turning to the Gig Economy to overcome the nationwide hiring challenges being encountered during the emergence from Covid-19”, said Greg Hopkins, Managing Partner of Omni Interactions. “As talented, experienced people are seeking flexible work opportunities through Omni, our Gig model has demonstrated the ability to source and certify into production thousands of people in just weeks. Traditional competitors are struggling to find even handfuls of workers.” By sourcing talent nationwide and providing workers the flexibility to work from home and choose their own schedule, we are able to provide our clients with a rapid launch of a 7×24 inbound, customer experience for both short-term project work and steady state business.”

“Our pipeline of potential new clients has never been bigger,” said David Parkhurst, Chief Revenue Officer and Managing Partner of Omni Interactions. “Today’s economy demands that Fortune 1000 and fast-growing companies are able to rapidly respond to ever-changing customer support needs. The contact center, through phones, chat, email and social media, has become the front-door for the 7×24 customer experience. Our operational delivery teams have been exceptional at exceeding KPIs while providing staffing flexibility and partnership nimbleness. Omni’s Rapid Response Solution (ORRS™) is exactly what the marketplace is looking for during these unpredictable business times.”

As industries like retail and healthcare prepare for the fourth quarter seasonal ramp, Omni anticipates it will source and certify another 2,000 Gig workers before the end of the year. The Omni Gig Platform eliminates geographical sourcing boundaries and enables the most qualified gig professionals to learn, work and live from across the entire country giving businesses flexibility, speed and scale wherever needed.


Founded in 2016, Omni Interactions (“Omni”) is an employee-owned company that is a leading technology platform for the Gig Economy.  Omni’s unique business model leverages the Gig Economy, working and learning from home, and a 100% cloud-based technology platform to revolutionize how customer contact channels of voice, chat, text, email and social media are delivered with higher quality outcomes at lower costs.

Omni is reimagining the virtual work from home business model in light of the burgeoning Gig Economy and shifting workforce management practices, many of which have accelerated due to the recent pandemic which sent millions of workers home.  By connecting communities of Gig workers with the nation’s leading brands, Omni delivers consistent, reliable customer experience solutions.  Omni reunites the former leadership team of Alpine Access, the leader in cloud-based virtual customer experience solutions.  For more information visit

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