Financial Services Organizations are Turning to Gig Customer Experience to Increase Flexibility and Efficiency

Omni Interactions, a leading provider of GigCX, continues to revolutionize customer experience for leading fintech and financial services companies 

Denver, CO, June 20, 2023– Omni Interactions, winner of 2023 Outsource Partner of the Year, sponsored a recent GigCX survey with leading customer experience analysts at Frost & Sullivan to understand the growth of gig workers in the customer contact industry. The survey concluded that 70% of businesses currently use gig workers for customer experience functions and by 2025, 90% of companies will be using gig workers. Fintech has been an early adopter of gig-based customer support and the financial services sector is expected to fuel this growth in the coming years. 

Karen Pavicic, Co-CEO of Omni Interactions, explains: “Gig customer experience is perfect for financial services and fintech companies. Our solutions are secure and reliable, while also reducing operational costs. By leveraging our gig customer experience solutions, financial services organizations can increase their operational flexibility and provide more engaging customer service experiences.” 

“Omni Interactions currently provides outsourced customer care services to some of the largest fintech and financial services companies in the world,” said Courtney Meyers, Co-CEO of Omni Interactions. “For our large tax fintech client, 44% of the gig workers we sourced had previous tax customer support experience. Similarly, for a large financial services provider 55% of the gig workers had experience doing customer support for banking and financial services companies. The ability to source highly skilled talent globally is one of the major benefits behind the gig customer experience model.”  

Why GigCX for Financial Services: 

  • Secure Remote Workers: Remote and GigCX can be just as secure as physical contact centers, delivering controlled and scalable bring-your-own-device (BYOD) environments. 
  • Access to Financial Services Experts: GigCX provides global access to talent in which you can access gig workers with years of experience in the financial services industry. 
  • Reducing Operating Expenses: GigCX is 25-55% more cost-effective than in-house or traditional business process outsourcing (BPO) options because of precision staffing, highly quality workers, reduction in office space, and other costs associated with a physical location. 
  • Flexibility: The financial services sector often experiences call increases with tax season or other seasonal occurrences. Growth and intraday or intraweek call volume add another layer of complexity requiring flexible partners to handle the call volume overflow. GigCX offers a flexible on-demand workforce that can be instantly scaled up and down to meet client needs.  Pavicic

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