Omni Partners with Leading Fintech Company, to Scale 800 Gig Brand Ambassadors in 4 Weeks

Learn how Omni was able to onboard 800 gig workers in just four weeks, enabling Omni's Fintech partner to meet their service level commitments.


Gig Workers

4 weeks



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The Company

Fortune 500 Company Offering Financial Products and Services

A Fortune 500 Fintech company that offers a wide range of financial products and services, had too much volume and not enough headcount. They needed scalability and they needed it quickly. Their existing model with their incumbent BPO did not provide them the necessary room to grow to provide excellent service to their client’s customers. In partnership with Omni, we were able to onboard 800 gig workers in four weeks, enabling them to meet their service level commitments.

The Fintech Company provides financial software, services, and business solutions around the world. According to the company, more than half of the world’s wealth is managed by its systems. They continue to rapidly grow its footprint, recently announcing expanded services in the United Kingdom and new offerings in South Korea.

The Challenge

The Need to Scale Rapidly to Meet Call Volume Demands

As a thriving company with clients around the world, they realized that its existing customer service model did not allow for rapid scaling. They were experiencing large call volumes with one of their program and did not have enough headcount with their existing BPO to manage the influx, nor were they able to ramp quickly enough to fill the need.

"Omni went above and beyond."

Sophie Colon, Program Manager

How Omni Responded

Omni Sourced 800 Gig Brand Ambassadors in Just 4 Weeks

Omni jumped at the chance to assist this world financial leader. After gaining a clear understanding of their needs and expectations, the Omni team went to work. Within four weeks 800 gig workers were sourced, background checked and certified to manage the volume of incoming calls.

As part of the implementation, the teams engaged to transfer knowledge on the program. Omni then provided certification to all of its incoming frontline workers. The first group was certified within two weeks of the project’s start. IT and Quality testing was also provided to ensure that the exceptional customer support was provided in a secure manner.

It was important to follow the clients many processes while molding them to Omni’s gig model. For example, the Omni team needed to understand their compliance courses that the Gig Brand Ambassadors (GBAs) had to complete in order to implement them into our certification program. We also partnered to review their material to work with the gig model.

This allowed us to reduce the time to full knowledge and certification across many segments of their internal training curriculum.

The Results

Omni Meets Average Handle Time (AHT) Target in 3 Weeks

The success of this program is a testament to a strong and very nimble partnership with this client. They were very open to Omni’s gig model and took our suggestions on optimizing processes to exceed their expectations. Only three weeks into the program Omni achieved its AHT target, while reducing transfers week over week. By week eight, the program was fully staffed and providing world-class services to their customers. What was to be a two month contract has turned into a strong continuing partnership with Omni managing other programs.

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