Omni Interactions Awarded 2023 Pandemic Tech Innovations Award

Omni Interactions’ Outsourced Customer Experience Services and Its Intelligent Digital Ecosystem “The Omniverse” Recognize for Exceptional Innovation 

Denver, CO, May 10, 2023– Omni Interactions announced today that TMC, a global, integrated media company, and its TMC Labs product review division, named Omni Interactions as a 2023 Pandemic Tech Innovation Award winner. Omni Interactions has developed a unique business model built around the gig economy, AI, and innovative cloud-based technology that empowers remote brand ambassadors to provide on-demand, scalable, omnichannel customer experience at a lower cost.  

Omni is the Uber of the contact center industry bringing together leading brands and highly skilled virtual gig workers with “The Omniverse” an Intelligent Digital Ecosystem. The remote and gig model attracted many Fortune 500 clients during the pandemic, most of whom have remained loyal clients due to increased customer satisfaction ratings, cost savings, and increased business continuity. 

 “Omni Interactions has displayed its commitment to quality and innovation in the development of their tech solutions contributing to managing and overcoming pandemic outbreaks,” said Rich Tehrani, CEO, TMC. “I look forward to more innovation from Omni Interactions and their continued effort toward improving the future of the current challenges faced by the most recent Pandemic.” 

Because of Omni Interactions’ unique business model and use of AI and intelligent bots, the company saves clients over 25% on customer experience operating costs while improving customer satisfaction ratings. Its proprietary sourcing attracts gig and remote brand ambassadors across the nation and the company currently has a network of over 75,000 gig workers. This provides its clients with extreme flexibility and scalability that is otherwise unheard of in the contact center industry – key during natural disasters and global pandemics. Omni can handle large spikes, overnight, and weekend volumes better than traditional BPOs constrained by the typical in-person contact center model. 

“The pandemic has had lasting effects on customer experience operations,” said Courtney Meyers, Co-CEO of Omni Interactions. “As companies were forced to move customer service representatives remote, benefits were uncovered such as increased productivity, increased well-being of workers, and better access to nationwide talent. Because of this, organizations continue to have remote or hybrid workforces. At Omni, we take the remote model and layer on the ability for workers to pick their own schedules and work within the Omniverse to access built-in AI and automation to streamline daily tasks. This enables us to outperform in-house customer service teams and leading BPOs around the world at a fraction of the cost.” 

The 2023 Pandemic Tech Innovation Award winners will be featured on Pandemic Tech News online and TMCnet. 


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