Omni Interactions Appoints Courtney Meyers and Karen Pavicic as Co-CEOs

Christopher M. Carrington remains on the Board and will focus on potential inorganic growth 

Denver, CO, May 9, 2023– Omni Interactions announces today that Christopher M. Carrington will be transitioning the CEO role to Karen Pavicic and Courtney Meyers who will lead the company through its next stage of growth as Co-CEOs.  Karen Pavicic and Courtney Meyers will be responsible for setting Omni Interactions’ operating strategy, leading execution, driving operational excellence, and ensuring that Omni Interactions is well-positioned to capitalize on new market opportunities. Karen Pavicic and Courtney Meyers have a proven track record of driving growth for Omni Interactions, having grown its customer base significantly over the years ranking the company #341 on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing privately held companies. 

“I would like to express my gratitude for the remarkable success that Omni has achieved under Chris’ leadership. We are thrilled to have Karen and Courtney join forces as Co-CEOs of Omni Interactions. They are both incredibly talented and experienced leaders and their combined expertise will be an invaluable asset to the company,” said Rob Duncan, Founder and Chairman of the Board at Omni Interactions. “Karen and Courtney have a proven track record of success in driving growth and operational excellence, so we are confident that they will lead Omni Interactions through its next growth phase.” 

Courtney Meyers has been with the company since 2016, where she held the positions of Chief Operations Officer and Chief Innovation Officer. She leads the technology innovation at Omni, building the “Omniverse”, an Intelligent Digital Ecosystem with embedded AI and automation. The efficiencies Courtney Meyers has created drive down costs for clients while paying workers at or above a living wage, which in turn attracts highly skilled workers that better match client needs. 

Courtney Meyers said, “I am delighted to have the opportunity to lead the Omni team. We have an impressive track record for growth, a Fortune 500 client base, a talented team, and an impeccable reputation in the customer experience and call center industry. As Co-CEO, I will strive to make Omni the most technologically advanced business process outsourcer in the world. We will accomplish this by driving efficiency and cost savings while improving customer and client satisfaction through intelligent automation. We are here to revolutionize the customer experience and contact center industry.” 

Karen Pavicic has been with Omni Interactions since 2017, where she served as Chief Operating Officer. She brings years of management experience, insight into the company’s day-to-day operations, and deep relationships with customers and partners. She has demonstrated an impressive track record in leading operational excellence, driving growth, and achieving high customer satisfaction. 

“I’m honored, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to lead this exceptional organization of creative, dedicated, and talented professionals,” said Karen Pavicic. “We produce top-tier customer support solutions and cost-saving results to clients daily, while impacting and changing the lives of our gig workers. This is a terrific opportunity that any leader would welcome.” 

Christopher M. Carrington will continue to serve on the company’s board furthering corporate strategy, contributing to the vision, and evaluating potential inorganic growth opportunities. “I am excited to see the next generation as Karen and Courtney take the reins as Co-CEOs,” said Christopher M. Carrington. “Their energy, enthusiasm, and innovation for a re-imagined customer experience utilizing the gig economy have contributed to the 3,000+% growth we have experienced over the last 3 years”. 

With the appointment of Karen Pavicic and Courtney Meyers as Co-CEOs at Omni Interactions, the company is set to benefit from their combined experience and expertise. Karen Pavicic will be responsible for Operational Delivery, People Support, Legal, and Finance. Courtney Meyers will be responsible for Digital Technology, Security, Sales, and Marketing. The two leaders will work together to ensure that the organization’s strategic vision remains on track and that customers continue to receive unparalleled service and support. 

Forward-Looking Statement from Karen Pavicic and Courtney Meyers 

We are honored to have the opportunity to lead this exceptional organization, and we are deeply committed to building on our legacy of success and innovation. As we continue to navigate a rapidly evolving industry, we believe that our team’s talent, creativity, and dedication will be essential to our success. Together, we will work to drive growth, expand our offerings, and deliver outstanding value to our customers.

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