Innovative Healthcare Technology and Services Company Partners with Omni Interactions for Dedicated Customer Support

With a healthcare community of over 76,000 remote workers, Omni Interactions delivers exceptional customer service to some of the largest and most innovative healthcare companies in the world

Denver, CO – Jan. 17, 2023 – Omni Interactions (“Omni”), the fastest-growing Business Process Outsourcer (BPO) in the United States, today announced its partnership with a health and wellness service provider who brings non-emergency medical transportation options to those in need. The company selected Omni because it is the most flexible and cost-effective outsourced customer care solution. Omni is helping them achieve call center staffing levels during high volume hours which includes Mondays, weekday mornings, and seasonal spikes.

“We are very excited about this new client relationship,” said David Parkhurst, Chief Customer Officer and Managing Partner at Omni Interactions. “It is the perfect example of where the client needs for flexible intraday staffing, growth, and customer satisfaction match with Omni’s key differentiators – staffing to variable requirements at the interval level, unlimited scale, and broad access to talented remote workers. Achieving these goals together while consulting on best practices around data security, our OmniSecure VDI, and interval-based WFM management means this is truly a partnership.”

Omni Interactions for Healthcare

Omni Interactions provides outsourced customer care for some of the most iconic healthcare enterprises in the world including one of the largest pharmacies supporting over 11 million customers and the largest healthcare company with over 10,000 retail pharmacy locations. Omni offers:

  • Network of more than 76,000 remote brand ambassadors with healthcare experience
  • 2.5 million healthcare interactions in 2022
  • On average Omni’s healthcare clients reduce total cost of ownership by 25% and Average Handle Time (AHT) by 11%
  • Ability to scale for seasonal needs including welcome season, open enrollment, and appointment setting
  • Fully HIPAA compliant solution ensuring the privacy of client data

“We are excited to welcome another innovating healthcare company to our list of clients,” said Christopher M. Carrington, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Partner at Omni Interactions. “We continue to grow in the healthcare industry because of our ability to source remote brand ambassadors skilled in the healthcare industry to provide compliant, compassionate, and elevated customer care.”

Why Companies Partner with Omni Interactions

Companies partner with Omni Interactions to achieve elevated levels of customer satisfaction, access to skilled talent, fast ramp, extreme flexibility and scalability, and cost savings.

  • Customer satisfaction ratings that consistently out-perform clients’ in-house teams and are higher than other BPOs
  • Proprietary sourcing and culture which leads to highly skilled brand ambassadors and a 60% reduction in turnover compared to other BPOs
  • Ability to ramp in days or weeks (Omni launched 750 remote brand ambassadors in 2 weeks)
  • Instantly scale up and down to perfectly match our clients’ needs or seasonality changes in call volume (Omni annually ramps 1400 remote brand ambassadors for one of our large fintech clients)
  • 25%+ cost savings compared to other BPOs because of its remote business model and ability to match call volume more accurately with 30-minute shifts and surge pricing for overnight and weekend shifts

About Omni Interactions

Founded in 2016, Omni Interactions is the fastest-growing managed services provider of outsourced customer experience solutions. With over 120 years of combined C-suite experience providing work-from-home customer service solutions, Omni Interactions has developed a unique business model built around the gig economy and innovative cloud-based technology that empowers remote brand ambassadors to provide on-demand, scalable, omnichannel customer experience at a lower cost.

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