Omni Partners with One of the Largest Pharmacies to Provide COVID Vaccine Support to 11 Million Americans

Learn how Omni was able to ramp up 3,000 Workers in six weeks to meet the demands of increased call volume during the height of the COVID pandemic.



6 weeks


4.5 min

Average Handle Time

The Company

The Need for Assistance During the COVID Pandemic

One of the three largest pharmacy store chains in the U.S. was hit hard by COVID, with individual stores managing innumerable calls for scheduling vaccination appointments and answering customer questions. They looked to Omni to provide customer support and take the burden off the stores, so they were free to handle in-person needs. The pharmacy needed us to ramp up quickly to meet the demands of the call volume. Omni was able to rapidly meet their demands, remaining a flexible partner able to ramp up and down as needed as the pandemic fluctuated.

This popular pharmacy chain in the United States specializes in filling prescriptions, health and wellness products, health information, and photo services. It is headquartered in the Chicago area. During the early days of the pandemic, the pharmacy introduced mobile clinics and same-day appointments to meet the needs of underserved communities, and by February 2021 had administered more than 11 million COVID-19 vaccinations.

The Challenge

Assisting with the Pharmacy’s Increased Call Volume

In March 2021 the pharmacy found itself overwhelmed with the call volume, as individual stores attempted to manage requests for vaccine appointments and answer customers’ COVID-related questions. Their incumbent vendor was not able to help support the flood of calls and they needed help quickly to take the load off the individual stores so they could focus on in-person needs.

The BPO chose to subcontract this work through Omni due to our history of solid performance with other clients with which we partnered.

"Thank you for your continuous support and for always being readily available when we need assistance."

How Omni Responded

Omni Sourced 3,000 Healthcare Professionals to Meet Demands

The pharmacy asked us to ramp to 3,000 workers within six weeks to meet the demands of the call volume. We immediately went to work sourcing and rostering. Workers each completed two days of certification before moving to production to begin answering calls.

Due to the rise and fall of COVID, the client needed us to continually ramp up and down to meet changing demands. Being inherently flexible, we were able to meet their needs with short notice and quickly change the number of workers servicing the client.

The Results

Omni Earns 100% of Pharmacy Clients Business as a Flexible Partner

Our partnership began in March and by early April we had on-boarded 3,000 workers. The client was impressed with how quickly we were able to meet our ramp goals. We exceeded all KPIs and took 100% of the volume from the stores. The Average Handle Time goal was less than five, which we met at 4.54. The goal for Transfer Rate was less than 4%. Our Transfer Rate was 0.35%.

Shortly after we implemented their program, we earned 100% of the client’s business, as they let their incumbent vendor go. A flexible partner, we continue to ramp up and then back down, and up again, to meet the needs of the ongoing fluctuations of COVID.

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