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What is a GBA?

Our Gig Brand Ambassadors (GBAs) are independent contractors with specialized skills hired and trained to represent you and provide your clients with unparalleled support.

Gig workers may enjoy their independence, but they also want to feel connected, supported, and empowered. We are reinventing how gig workers are treated–improving earning opportunities and giving them a community through knowledge sharing, communication, and continued education.

Meet our Gig Workers

Ongoing Digital Learning Means High Quality Gig Workers

In a gig economy there’s no such thing as mandatory training. Omni makes our learning program available for gig workers to assess their knowledge and skills and earn certifications to support you with excellence and cultural alignment.

We work with our clients to determine the best curriculum, ensuring our programs align with client needs and expectations.

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Jennifer Perez tells you all about being an Account Manager at Omni


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What Sets Us Apart

We know that treating people exceptionally well means they are more apt to enjoy the work they do. By providing clear paths to real earnings and educational opportunities, our Gig workers don’t just perform tasks, they deliver extraordinary experiences.

It’s our mission to go above and beyond to empower agents in this growing gig economy. To that end, we are the first of our kind to create Omni’s Gig Worker Bill of Rights

Gig Brand Ambassadors Best-Suited to Represent You

What is a GBA?

A Gig Brand Ambassador (GBA) is a Gig Worker who is an independent contractor with specialized skills certified to represent your brand with top-notch customer support.

What are their qualifications?

82% of our GBAs are college educated and they average 14 years work experience. GBAs go through a rigorous validation including skills and knowledge verification, aptitude assessment, and security validation.

How will they represent my brand?

We ensure our GBAs and clients are a good fit for one another in all areas of brand affinity, product and service familiarity, and work experience.

Omni selects only the most qualified people from across the country and gives them the knowledge and tools they need to provide first-rate customer support via phone, email, chat, or text.

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