Are you a gig worker? You deserve the best!

More gig workers are entering the job market this year than ever before. Yet not all gig workers are treated as well as they should – wages that don’t add up to the claims, or continuing fees for education and platforms. Plus, suboptimal tools and support are all too common. Omni has been so motivated by these unfortunate experiences that we are the first company to craft a Gig Workers Bill of Rights.

We believe in the limitless potential of all people – it’s why we built Omni the way we did in the first place. Omni is driven to connect skilled, passionate gig workers with leading companies who value these traits. Further, Omni is committed to provide education, support, and competitive earning potential to help gig workers support the lifestyles they aspire to achieve.

Omni believes all gig workers are entitled to choose how and when they earn a living and create a life that brings them joy and fulfillment. See how we are raising the standards and paving the way for your success:


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