Why Every Company Needs Gig CX

What is Gig CX?

Gig Customer Experience (Gig CX) is revolutionizing the customer experience landscape. Recognized as an innovative and cost-effective approach by McKinsey & Company, Gig CX allows organizations to access a crowd of gig professionals who can represent their brands with expertise when responding to customer queries. The bonus? Customers get an authentic and satisfactory service, while businesses save time and money – a win-win!

Why Gig CX?

Customer experience (CX) is a critical component to any business’s success, and outsourcing customer care and utilizing Gig Workers can unlock a range of benefits for companies. From access to talent and scalability to cost savings and improved customer satisfaction, Gig CX is quickly becoming a go-to solution for businesses looking to stay competitive in today’s market. Not only does this approach provide great advantages for companies, but it also provides incredible opportunities for remote brand ambassadors.

The Benefits of Gig CX

Access to Talent

Relying on remote, gig-based work is the most effective way to draw in top talent, especially for specialized positions. With Gig CX, companies can access skilled workers from all over the world, allowing them to quickly fill vacancies without sacrificing quality.


Gig CX offers businesses the ability to instantly scale up or down their customer service teams, depending on need. This is incredibly beneficial for businesses that experience seasonal spikes in demand or unpredictable peaks in customer inquiries.

Fast Ramp of Programs

Utilizing gig-based workers allows businesses to get up and running with new programs and initiatives quickly and efficiently. Companies can launch projects in a fraction of the time it would normally take with traditional staffing models.

Better Schedule Forecast Accuracy

Gig CX allows companies to more accurately forecast staffing needs and better adhere to schedules. Companies can easily adjust their staff levels up or down based on customer demand, without having to worry about over-hiring or under-hiring. This in turn saves companies a lot of money.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Gig CX allows companies to provide better customer service and improved customer satisfaction, as they can ensure that they always have the right people in place. This helps businesses give their customers the best experience possible and build loyalty over time.

Good For the Environment

Gig CX is also beneficial for the environment, as it reduces the need for physical offices and limits employee commuting. This reduces carbon emissions and helps improve air quality in urban areas.


Gig CX is cost-effective for business in multiple ways. First, better schedule forecast accuracy means you are not staffing when the volume is not there.  Second, because gig workers are remote, there are none of the expenses associated with a brick-and-mortar physical location. Third, companies only pay for the productive time of the gig workers, so there is no cost burden associated with shrinkage.

Business Continuity

Gig CX also helps businesses maintain service continuity during periods of disruption and unexpected change. By leveraging a remote workforce, companies can quickly scale up and down capacity as needed to meet changing customer demands.

The Only BPO (Business Process Outsourcer) with a Network of 75,000 Gig Workers

Founded in 2016, Omni Interactions is the fastest-growing managed services provider of outsourced gig customer experience solutions. With over 120 years of combined C-suite experience providing work-from-home customer service solutions, Omni Interactions has developed a unique business model built around the gig economy and innovative cloud-based technology that empowers remote brand ambassadors to provide on-demand, scalable, omnichannel customer experience at a lower cost.

Gig CX is an invaluable asset for any company looking to provide superior customer experiences. With access to talented remote workers, businesses can increase their schedule accuracy and cost-effectively scale up or down as needed. Gig CX also offers environmental benefits and helps ensure business continuity in times of disruption, making it a must-have resource for every organization.


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