My GBA Experience

By Cari Conwell On: September 15, 2020

When I decided I wanted to work from home there were many things I had to consider. I needed a job that would allow me to choose my own hours, flexible, and was with a legitimate company.  I came across Omni Interactions and applied. The application process was simple, the training was adequate and it felt a sense of accomplishment by receiving a certification. Working with Omni as a GBA (Gig Brand Ambassador) has given me the ability to be my own boss, work when I want to while making a decent wage. I feel the wage is above average than most 8 am to 5 pm office positions to start.

After going through multiple work-from-home opportunities, which turned out to be some variation of an MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) company where I had to promote and sell products, I wondered if there were any legitimate companies that have work from home opportunities. I can tell you that Omni Interactions is a legitimate business!

“The staff is very helpful and they are some of the best people I have worked with. It’s exciting to talk to people from all over the United States and feel like you’ve actually helped someone.”
Cari Conwell
Gig Brand Ambassador (GBA)

Working from home has not only afforded me the opportunity to be my own boss, but it has also given me the flexibility to attend activities that my teenage daughter is involved in. In the past, I have had to miss those activities due to a set work schedule. My husband works from home and at first, I wondered if being together all day and evening would be an issue. However, not only has it not been an issue but it has also brought us closer together.

There are money-saving opportunities that I really didn’t think of when I first started seeking a remote position. I’ve since realized that I am saving money by working remotely. For instance, I no longer have expenses such as dry cleaning, commuting to work (which increases vehicle maintenance costs), and professional clothing. Not to mention the tax write-offs that are associated with working from a home office!

Here’s one of my favorite perks, I can travel and work at the same time! I recently went out of town and was able to work from my hotel room. Essentially, I didn’t have to take off work while going to visit family in another state! How cool is that?

I’m elated that I became a GBA with Omni. With my experience in law enforcement, I’ve been able to utilize my skills and feel like I’m an important part of the team. I didn’t apply to a position that was related to my law enforcement skills however, Omni realized I had a skill set that would be both an asset to the company and provide me an opportunity to perform in a position I am knowledgeable in. Knowing and using a person’s skill set is an indicator of excellent leadership and a great company to work with. One of the things that make Omni stand out to me is the sense of being a team even though we are not in an office together.

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