How Omni Interactions Leverages Military-Affiliated Workers to Drive Improved CX

At Omni Interactions, we have a deep appreciation for the sacrifices and commitment of all military-affiliated individuals. That’s why we strive to make our business a top employer for veterans, active-duty service members, reservists, and their families. We also love partnering with military-affiliated companies to provide them with customizable customer engagement solutions that help drive improved customer experience. Keep reading to learn more about how leveraging the skills of military-affiliated workers can help you deliver improved customer experience outcomes. 

When it comes to customer engagement solutions, Omni Interactions leverages the unique skills and experiences of its military-affiliated workforce to provide excellence in customer service. Our team is comprised of veterans, reservists, and active-duty service members who bring their specialized knowledge and leadership skills to the table. That means our clients can rest assured that their customer experience solutions will be tailored to their specific needs. Furthermore, our staff can quickly adapt to changes in market trends or customer demands without missing a beat – something only possible thanks to the wealth of experience our military-affiliated workers can offer. 

Why Omni for Military-Affiliated Companies? 

  • hiring pledge 
  • Network of 18K military-affiliated workers ready to take calls 
  • 22% of our remote brand ambassadors are military-affiliated 
  • Over 20% of our management team has a military affiliation 
  • Over 12% of our executive staff has served 

“As an Air Force Wife of over 20 years, while raising 3 kids, I found it critical to work for a company that understands the unique background and benefits that come from hiring military-affiliated workers. I am proud to work for a company that provides so many opportunities to families like mine.” – Autumn Lamkin, Delivery Manager at Omni Interactions 

At Omni Interactions, we not only appreciate working with military-affiliated individuals but also value partnering with companies that do the same. By leveraging our military-affiliated workforce’s unparalleled expertise in customer experience management services, we’ve been able to help these organizations deliver seamless experiences that keep customers engaged no matter where they are in the world. 

“Working for Omni has helped me provide for my family while working remotely and having the flexibility of picking my own schedule. Omni is a great company for any military-affiliated worker looking for a job as well as military-affiliated companies looking for a true customer experience partner that is always striving to make a positive change in the world.” – Makenzie Creamer, Remote Brand Ambassador at Omni Interactions 

We believe strongly in investing back into our community – which is why we proudly support education programs designed specifically for veterans and current service members. The education and certifications we provide to military-affiliated workers not only helps them succeed as workers while with Omni but builds career-long skills that they can take with them to future jobs. 

At Omni Interactions, we understand how important it is for businesses today to invest in great customer experience outcomes – something that can be achieved by taking advantage of the unique talents offered by experienced military-affiliated employees. With decades’ worth of combined experience between them, our veteran staff provides an unmatched level of skill when it comes to delivering excellent customer experiences. And if your company values giving back, you’ll love knowing that every project you work on supports military-affiliated families across the nation. Investing in these individuals gives you both a competitive advantage as well as a chance for positive change on the home front – something everybody can get behind! 

Contact us today if you’d like further information regarding what our team has done – and will continue doing – with regards to delivering superior customer engagement solutions! 

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