Fast Company Innovation Festival Recap

Omni Interactions was the proud guest of @Inc Founders House for the 2023 @Fast Company Innovation Festival held in New York City Sept 18-21. The event brought thousands of makers and innovators from across the globe—exceptional leaders and doers shaping the future—for four days of inspired conversation, purposeful networking, and meaningful takeaways impacting humans across the globe.  

Omni immersed itself in a number of informative, cutting-edge sessions which highlighted the impact technology, and the customer experience are making with the evolving global workforce. A few takeaways: 

  • Customers want what they want when they want it, and they want more for less as well as willing to pay for a premium experience. 
  • Customers want to choose the method in which they communicate, i.e., voice, chat, email, etc. 
  • Companies must provide a seamless, on-time response and high-quality engagement at every touch. 
  • The consumer welcomes AI as an augment to a live person just so long as it results in a high-quality engagement experience. 
  • GigCX is today’s most innovative way to procure talent and labor solutions from wherever, whenever and for however long as needed as humans will continue to want a live person option to communicate and empathize their wants and needs. 

Industries with unique insight into this changing workforce were… 

  • Hiltons President and CEO, Chris Nasetta on What’s up next in Hospitality and Travel 
  • Don McGuire, SVP & Chief Marketing Officer, Qualcomm, on Finding the Real Emotion in AI 
  • How to Elevate the Customer Experience, Nell Diamond, Founder, Hill House home, Ather Williams III Head of Strategy, Digital, Wells Fargo 
  • The New Premium Frontier with Shannon Knapp, Pres/CEO Leading Hotels of the World, Lauren Liss, SVP, Capital One 
  • Empowering Sports Fans with Renie Anderson, CRO, National Football League, Nick Bell, CEO, Fanatics 
  • Revolutionizing Retail with Anushka Salinas, Pres/COO of Rent-The-Runway & Jeff Saunders, SVP, Warby Parker 
  • Hans Vestberg, CEO, Verizon – “How to Lead with Impact” 
  • John Stankey, CEO, AT&T “Innovation at the Speed of 5G” 

One common thread among all the sessions and subject matter experts was that AI is an excellent augment to the human workforce as it relates to the overall customer experience, however, AI is still being defined and is imperfect, and customers continue to demand a real person as an option without being blocked or forced into a robot interaction. Across the board, the enterprise struggles to find qualified, pre-vetted, and experienced talent and when they do onboard them, it is increasingly more difficult to keep them and to avoid the massive attrition expense not to mention the negative impact in quality that turnover makes with the customer experience. From the worker perspective, humans continue to demand flexibility with where and when they work desiring to have an improved work-life balance as well as a need for a better quality of life without the socio-economic restrictions that have plagued grass-roots workers for decades. Omni’s Gig work model addresses these concerns.  

Fast Company is the world’s leading progressive business media brand with a unique editorial focus on #innovation in #technology, #leadership, and #design. Omni is the global leader in GigCX with over 75k Brand Ambassadors across the planet. Winner of Outsource Provider of the Year, Pandemic Tech Innovation of the Year, and finalist for CCW BPO of the Year and CCW Workforce Innovation of the Year, Omni Interactions is the fastest-growing BPO in the US ranking #170 on the Inc. 5000. Its winning strategy is comprised of a unique business model utilizing gig workers and AI-powered cloud-based technology to provide on-demand, scalable, omnichannel customer experience at a 25%-55% lower cost on average when compared to your current in-house or BPO CX solution. 

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