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Welcome to the future of technical support, where all your tech woes are met with smiles and solutions! Our outsourced technical support team isn’t just a bunch of tech-savvy experts; they’re the superheroes of the digital age. Let’s turn those tech frowns upside down, one ‘hello world’ at a time! 

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Having trouble dealing with higher ticket volumes during certain times of year or even days and hours? Scale up your tech support in an instant with the help of on-demand workers. Omni will fill all open slots quickly so you can keep up with demand—all in 30-minute increments for maximum efficiency. 

"Our cost savings using Omni are anywhere from 35% to 55% vs doing it in-house. For companies looking to outsource, you need to look at the cost holistically and not just the agent hourly rate.”

Mat Makay
Senior Director of Operations at Carbon Health

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