A letter from our CEO

Omni is committed to diversity and inclusion.

When Omni was founded, it was with the mission of doing things differently within the customer support space. While most of our leadership team pioneered work from home, when we came together this time the nation’s economy had shifted – people had embraced the gig economy and wanted to take charge of their careers.

Omni is committed to not only serving leading companies but also empowering gig workers who want to be their own bosses, create their own schedules, and put quality of life first. So we set out to create a marketplace platform to connect Gig Brand Ambassadors with national brands.

We are proud that our GBA community is a diverse group with a wide variety of reasons for wanting to be in charge of how they earn a living. Omni welcomes and celebrates diverse backgrounds, cultures, perspectives, and experiences to support our clients. We are an equal opportunity company and endeavor to build balanced communities from all walks of life.

We strive to create an environment where people of different backgrounds contribute and make a positive difference for themselves and Omni. In addition to celebrating diversity, we actively work toward inclusion, recognizing, understanding, and appreciating our differences.

We know that people long to belong and Omni is working to create communities where our GBAs feel valued, included and treated with authentic respect.

We look forward to sharing our approach with you.


Christopher Carrington
Chief Executive Officer

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