Retail Support Contracts

Empower Shoppers with a Warm Smile

Are you motivated, determined, and self-assured enough to embody the voice of prestigious national brands? Omni Retail Support independent contractors assist customers for top retailers by efficiently managing orders, tracking returns, and delivering comprehensive assistance, including billing inquiries, credit card payments, profile and password support, and user account setup.

With each satisfied customer, you not only help Omni’s clients establish a loyal customer base but also pave the way for a prosperous financial future for your own business.

About this opportunity

Skills & Experience:

Retail Support is an excellent fit for contractors with a background in customer service and upselling, who thrive on innovative problem-solving and effortlessly manage multiple systems simultaneously.

Technical Requirements:

Great If You:

Possess a deep passion for providing exceptional customer service.
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Exude charisma, quickly connecting with people to establish rapport.
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Demonstrate empathy and patience when dealing with challenging callers.
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Display adaptability, promptly adjusting to changing priorities and customer requirements.
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Exhibit a goal-oriented mindset, with a strong determination to see problems through to solutions.
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Thrive in a self-sufficient, autonomous work environment, consistently achieving goals in a remote setting.
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Are self-sufficient and autonomous, thriving in a remote work environment.
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Embrace the liberating freedom of being your own boss, shaping your own success.
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