Busting The Myths Of Gig Work, Part 1

Are you thinking about joining the Gig Economy? The pandemic forced companies to adapt to a virtual world and embrace the concept of working from anywhere. Your work is a space, no longer a place. If you are hesitant about gig work, we have plenty of reasons for you to decide to work from the […]

Busting the Myths of Gig Work, Part 2

The gig economy has been around for a while, but recently it has been getting a lot of attention. There are many arguments for why gig work is the best thing ever, but there are also some arguments against it. So, let’s debunk four common myths about living the #giglife: Gig Work Is Only for Millennials […]

Are you a gig worker? You deserve the best!

More gig workers are entering the job market this year than ever before. Yet not all gig workers are treated as well as they should – wages that don’t add up to the claims, or continuing fees for education and platforms. Plus, suboptimal tools and support are all too common. Omni has been so motivated […]

Welcome to our GBA resources!

While remote work has been thriving for more than two decades, 2020 has accelerated the work-at-home model like never before. In addition, the “gig economy” is flourishing as people take control of their careers and the way they earn a living. Whether you are new to remote work, or you’re an experience independent contractor, Omni […]