About Omni Interactions

We’re pioneers in Work-From-Home.

With a combined 120 years in the business, we are the most experienced work-from-home leadership team in the world, providing call center and work-from-home customer service and sales support expertise. We know that treating people well means they are more apt to enjoy the work they do. By providing clear paths to real earnings and educational opportunities, we are building lasting connections with our Gig Workers.  

What Makes Us Different

Enjoy the freedom of setting your own hours, choosing clients, and working from the comfort of your home or any secure location with Omni Interactions. We welcome all individuals residing in States and Countries where we operate. 

Why Omni?

  • Simply put, we want you to succeed 
  • Compensated more richly than competitors 
  • Supported consistently 
  • Drive a community and culture of good work and great reward 
  • Build lasting, ongoing connections before, during and after a Gig 

Our Culture

Passion and inspiration drive the best customer care. At Omni Interactions, we foster a vibrant work culture that includes a supportive virtual community for our remote-based agents. 

We are renowned for creating an environment where thousands of independent contractors thrive in our on-demand network. We empower our contractors with opportunities to acquire new skills, certifications, and industry knowledge. 

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Discover the ultimate work-at-home resource hub! Dive into our blog for exclusive work-from-home hacks, cutting-edge tech tips, and invaluable contractor advice. 

Elevate your remote work experience with expert insights and unleash your full potential! 

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