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Discover a world of exciting possibilities as an Omni Financial Services independent contractor. Whether you excel in tax support, insurance sales, or customer service, Omni provides the ideal environment to showcase your expertise and build lasting customer relationships.

With the freedom of working from home and the support of top-notch resources, you can elevate your career to new heights. Assist customers in navigating complex financial matters, or provide empathetic support to customers looking for solutions. Embark on a journey of professional growth, autonomy, and unparalleled success.

About this opportunity

Skills & Experience:

 individuals who have a background or experience in the financial industry: tax experts, insurance agents, customer service representatives with financial knowledge, and individuals with expertise in navigating complex financial matters. 

Technical Requirements:

Great If You:

Are goal-oriented with exceptional sales prowess.
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Passionate about finance, with a charismatic ability to connect with people.
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Driven to become a confident, trustworthy expert on products, offering valuable insights to customers.
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Possess strong communication skills to overcome objections during negotiations.
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Find fulfillment in helping customers understand and discover optimal solutions for complex issues.
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Are quick to learn and adept in utilizing customized software and applications.
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Are self-sufficient and autonomous, thriving in a remote work environment.
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Embrace the liberating freedom of being your own boss, shaping your own success.
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