Omni Platform

When you set out to reinvent the way things are done, you need a great platform to enable scalable growth.

Our platform fuels the marketplace that connects GBAs and clients.

omni platform

Only the latest technology can on-board, screen, and process potential GBAs efficiently and reliably. The Omni platform goes the extra mile to provide our clients with the latest security and compliance.


Our selection process doesn’t end with skill matching. Omni enlists the latest technology to verify the identities of our GBAs.


Omni's platform supports our GBAs in validating existing skills as well as learning new ones. In this way, we can both deliver curriculums and track development.

Omni Platform

Providing a single platform where GBAs can make connections, find support, and feel empowered creates efficiencies while increasing satisfaction.


Since our GBAs will be communicating on behalf of client brands, we want to see them in action.


Artificial intelligence, machine learning, natural language processing, blockchain, and other technologies are constantly evolving, as are threats. Omni invests in ever-evolving technology.