Gig Contract Overview - 0000

1. Revenue Overview


Earning Tiers

See bottom of the page for Sample Weekly Earnings

Base Tier Rate

$ 16 Hour

Top Tier Rate

$ 20 Hour
Earnings Tiers # of skills certified Service Metrics Met Call Volume Possible Hourly Revenue Increase
Level 1 1 skill Yes Yes $1.00
Level 2 2 skills Yes Yes $2.00
Level 3 4 skills Yes Yes $3.00 
Level 4 5 skills Yes Yes $4.00 

Earnings Tiers are variable rates that are determined by the following factors:

  1. Call volume forecasted by the Intuit client
  2. Active contractors servicing the Intuit client to meet the call volume forecast
  3. Certification Completion and Earn and Learn Completion status on the lines of business with call volume coming in.

Contractor agrees to cross skilling to support the client call volume. Certification details for these instances will be shared by Omni in writing to Contractor as they arise.

Omni reserves the right to allocate contractor’s call volume and thus earnings tier, based on skills demonstrated by the contractor and the call volume required by the client.

2. Production Incentive

$XXXX – To Earn:

  • Complete all Certification Activities by the specified due dates on page 2 (progress check-ins, module completion, passing assessments = certified)
  • Complete all Earn and Learn Activities by the specified due dates on page 2 (24 hours of call taking, daily huddles=graduated into production)
  • Payout of Incentive: DATE (Any deviation from dates or timelines listed on page 2 will delay your incentive)
  • Complete 2 weeks of call taking in production, working 18 hours* each of the first 2 weeks of production

*If 18 hours are not available during your first 2 weeks in production, account support will notify you of the minimum hours worked needed to earn the Production Incentive

3. Gig Calendar

w/ stages and milestones

Account Support will clearly communicate what stage you are in and when you can expect to be in production

Any deviation from the dates or timelines listed in the calendar will delay payouts

First expected Earnings Payout date
(Any deviation from the dates or timelines listed for beginning Earn and Learn will delay your first earnings payout)

4. Certification

Activities to be certified + earn production incentive

Dates + Times for Progress Check Ins

Module Completion Dates

Assessment Completion Dates

Attendance daily is not required, but highly encouraged to successfully complete modules and pass assessments to be certified

5. Earn & Learn

Activities to graduate + earn production incentive

Schedule and Take 24 hours of calls during the dates in orange

Due date for 24 hours of calls is DATE

Attend daily huddles during the dates listed in orange


Hours Of Operations







Review Metrics section for Service Commitment Goals

7. Contract Length

6-month contract

Contract automatically renews unless ended by either party 

Review project SOW for specific renewal information

8. Metrics

Hours Scheduled (what you are saying you will work)

  • Sign up for the hours you will work 2 weeks in advance
  • This is called your Client Commitment

Hours Worked (the hours you actually work each week)

  • Target: 18 hours per week

Commitment Adherence = hours scheduled vs hours worked

  • 95% or greater

tNPS*: Variable based on LOB

Issue Resolution (IR)*: 85%

Case Documentation: 85%

*Subject to change based on client 

9. Additional Tech Requirements

10. Client and Call Type Overview

Are you looking to make a meaningful impact on small and medium-sized businesses? Do you have a knack for troubleshooting and a passion for technology? Then look no further than this gig!

As an Intuit Contractor, you’ll have the opportunity to help businesses streamline their accounting processes. You’ll be the go-to resource for customers who need assistance setting up or troubleshooting their accounts, and you’ll provide guidance that will help them run their businesses more efficiently.

And the best part? You’ll gain valuable skills that you can use in all areas of your life. Whether you’re a student, a professional, or just someone who wants to stay ahead of the curve, learning how to use Intuit’s products will give you a competitive edge.

To be successful on this project, you must be able to:

  • Speak clearly, professionally
  • Able to talk & type at the same time
  • Know that every call will be different!
  • Have great listening & research skills
  • Have solid computer skills, including typing and navigation
  • Answer the phone & make sure you help answer the callers’ question

What you will do every day:

  • Answer inbound calls
  • Help callers troubleshoot QuickBooks software using answers and tools learned in Certification
  • Document the customer’s case in the system

By registering for this gig & starting your background check, you are NOT guaranteed to be rostered for this class & client. Change is part of the gig life & classes are filled first-come first-serve, based on completing AND passing ALL required tasks for the gig (audio interview if applicable, screening questions, ID Verification AND Paperwork).

11. Earnings Tier Examples