Welcome to the Gig Life

You want flexible yet dependable work with exceptional companies. Omni provides access to work-from-home Gigs supporting leading brands. We're passionate about empowering our Gig Workers while providing a community for them to grow and be successful.

Be your own boss. Set your own schedule.
Get paid. Enjoy the Gig life.

Why Omni?

Aside from offering fully flexible work schedules and higher earnings than other platforms, it’s our mission to support Gig Workers at all stages of a Gig. Working from home can often feel isolating. That’s why we prioritize creating supportive relationships for all Gig Workers.

We empower our Gig Workers to bring their creativity and specialized skills to their role and encourage them to develop skills they may not know they have.

Bill of Rights

It’s our goal to drive a community and culture of good work and great reward. To that end, we’re the first of our kind to create a Gig Worker Bill of Rights. Because we believe people matter. Gig Workers are at the heart of everything we do.

Ongoing Learning Means More Opportunity for You

Omni offers free ongoing digital learning and resources to every Gig Worker to ensure a consistent understanding of customer service skills, knowledge, and processes.

Through our online courses, you can learn new skills and gain certifications that make you eligible for exciting new opportunities.

Embrace the Gig Economy

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U.S. workers are part of the Gig Economy

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U.S. workforce who took freelance jobs during the pandemic

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U.S. workforce participating in the Gig Economy by 2027

Why Gig Workers Choose Omni

We are the most experienced work-at-home leadership team in the world. Our team has been supporting seasonal ramps, growth ramps, call center transformation efforts, work-at-home outsourcing, and work-at-home consulting for a combined 120 years. That’s more than 261,000 hours of call center and work-at-home customer service and sales support expertise.

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