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Help Streamline Tax Season Supporting Tax Software

Compine logic and empathy to skillfully address and support customers during one of life’s most stressful events—tax filing. As a dedicated Tax Support Independent Contractor, you will provide exceptional customer care (please note: not tax advice) to users of the nation’s leading tax software providers.

Joining forces with Omni for Tax Support means guiding customers through typical software challenges, leaving them confident about their tax preparation after every interaction. With access to a wealth of problem-solving resources, hands-on certification and support, and a determination to excel in a fast-paced setting, building a thriving home business becomes effortless with Tax Support at its core. Plus, you don’t need any accounting experience!

About this opportunity

Skills & Experience:

Tax Support is an ideal fit for independent contractors who excel in software navigation, customer service, problem-solving, and presenting themselves on camera.

Technical Requirements:

Great If You:

Possess a nurturing, empathetic, and patient demeanor that fosters positive customer interactions.
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Demonstrate a deep passion for delivering exceptional customer service, cultivating lasting brand loyalty.
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Exhibit a composed and confident multitasking ability, effortlessly putting people at ease during interactions.
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Project a friendly and professional persona while engaging customers via phone, email, and webcam.
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Showcase a natural aptitude for computer software, with a quick grasp on learning new systems.
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Display a strong commitment to resolving problems, ensuring every issue is followed through to a solution.
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Thrive in a self-sufficient and autonomous remote work environment.
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Embrace the liberating freedom of being your own boss and dictating your own success.
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