Busting The Myths Of Gig Work, Part 1

Are you thinking about joining the Gig Economy?

The pandemic forced companies to adapt to a virtual world and embrace the concept of working from anywhere. Your work is a space, no longer a place. If you are hesitant about gig work, we have plenty of reasons for you to decide to work from the comfort of your own home.

Read on to see our take on busting those myths of gig work! Who better to help us than Omni’s partners, current contractors (also known as GBAs)? We compiled the most common myths & wrote this article sharing some of their answers, so you know it’s all legit!

Myth #1: Remote work is lonely.

False. No remote worker is an island. You will need a team of responsible members to pull this off. Your work family will always be there for you, one chat away. The only way remote work can be lonely is if you choose not to interact with your fellow GBAs.

You bond during certification (people connect as study-buddies, share personal interests & more about their family) and your relationship keeps growing over time. At Omni, we are closer than most companies as we are a small intimate group here. We get chances to get to know one another outside of work & connect with people all around the country!

Myth #2: I need to create a company & get an EIN to work as an independent contractor.

False. Working from home as an Omni Gig Brand Ambassador (GBA, for short) is super easy, apply and contract with Omni. No hidden fees or EIN required.

Myth #3: This work-from-home thing is a scam.

False. Our earnings say otherwise, working from home is great. You save a ton of money on gas & work lunches, schedule your own hours and spend more time with family and friends (especially your dog). Did I mention every day is “casual Friday”? It’s totally not a scam.

Myth #4: Being your own boss is hard.

False. Being your own boss is awesome. You can pick and choose when you work and that makes your life so much better, the work life balance is amazing. Let’s set the record straight, despite all its benefits, with great remote work comes great responsibility. Being your own boss means you have to hold yourself accountable to working the schedules you pick up, learning as much as you can about your client, and support your customers with all your tools & knowledge. Luckily we are all contractors & business owners and we can help motivate & educate each other!

Myth #5: Contractors are not treated as well as employees.

False. At Omni we care about people. Your work family is always here to help you be successful and are very understanding when unexpected things happen. Nothing beats flexibility, you can have a life and structure your work hours around it.

You control how much you want to work and that is game changer. You can still enjoy your life and work when you want to. And you feel like everyone on your team wants you to succeed.   We are not here to manage you, tell you what to do or where to be somewhere. Omni has a ton of resources to help you build your success & is here as a business partner to direct you to all your resources, whatever you need!

Myth #6: Contractor work isn’t as beneficial as being an employee.

False. Contract work is more beneficial than being an employee. You have so much more time for your life, instead of living around your work schedule. When you are an employee, many times you have little to no flexibility to take care of yourself & your family. Sometimes companies even ask you to work overtime with no compensation! Not when you partner with Omni. At Omni, you get paid for the time you work, whether for talk, hold, available time, or per transaction. You have the control and get consistent feedback on what you are doing and how to be a better business partner as you continue to service Omni clients.

I know it sounds too good to be true, but it is not. At Omni you get to balance your work and life.

You work to live and not the other way around.

What are you waiting for?

Ready to get started?