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Omni Interactions is the most flexible BPO in the world helping you quickly and effectively grow your customer support team with our outsourced solutions.

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As the most flexible BPO in the world, we have reinvented the way outsourced customer service is delivered. We offer a savvy mix of highly experienced global workers and innovative technology to provide better support for your customers. 

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We solve your top CX challenges with a global, highly elastic workforce bringing you unprecedented flexibility. 

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Highly Flexible Workforce Matching Your Unique Customer Experience Needs

Omni harnesses a global network of workers to bring you an impressive selection of talent. Each day, we sort through hundreds of applicants and choose the ones that best match your needs — many with numerous years of valuable experience in their respective fields.

Precision Staffing Down to the Interval

Having trouble dealing with higher call volumes during certain times of year or even days and hours? Scale up your customer support in an instant with the help of on-demand workers. Our Omniverse technology will fill all open slots quickly so you can keep up with demand—all in 30-minute increments for maximum efficiency.

We Empower Agents with AI and Automation to Deliver Consistent, Reliable, High-Quality Customer Support

Omni harnesses AI to solve your most demanding CX delivery challenges: workforce management, real-time management, and quality. It ensures we have the right person, at the right time, with the right information to interact with your customers.

Michael DeSalles

Principal Analyst
Frost & Sullivan
"Omni Interactions solves many of today's current CX challenges with an innovative business model that combines automation with people-based support"
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