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Gregory Hopkins

Managing Partner


A BPO industry veteran, Greg has over 25 years of business and sales leadership experience. In his role as EVP/Chief Client Officer at Teletech, Stream Global Services and Alorica he oversaw the go-to-market strategy for each multi-billion dollar company.

With a successful record in leading sales programs on a global scale, Greg has a keen sense of strategic planning, revenue growth and client relationship management. His combination of leadership development and understanding of client requirements helps to drive the company’s success and enhances its position as a leader in the industry.

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“The only way to prove you are a “Good Sport” is to lose.”

Ernie Banks

Team Trivia

Q: What's the significance of this ESPN Top 10 video?

This proves that anybody can make it on ESPN’s Top 10! I was fortunate enough to do this in a ProAm where I was paired with Roger Clemens.

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