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David G. Parkhurst

Chief Revenue Officer


With nearly 20 years of work-at-home expertise, David has held executive leadership roles from startups to global, public companies in operations, client services, sales and marketing.

David lives in Colorado with his wife Kendall, 3 kids and 7 pets and has been to every major league baseball stadium, 48 states, 22 countries and completed many Spartan races.

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“Yesterday’s home runs don’t win today’s games.”

Babe Ruth

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Team Trivia

Q: What’s the significance of the framed uniform in your office?

The 1944 minor league jersey of my great uncle Tom Padden. He played 7 seasons in the major leagues alongside 7 HOFers. Tom was the catcher for the Pittsburgh Pirates the day Babe Ruth hit his last three home runs in 1935.

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