Sourcing to Selection

Our sourcing process registers Gig Brand Ambassadors (GBAs) onto our platform who are best-suited to represent our clients.

Our GBAs match with our clients' statements of work to provide unparalleled support.

Omni Sourcing

The Omni Marketplace connects uniquely-experienced GBAs with our clients' specific contact center requirements.


All GBAs must meet some basic minimums before joining the Omni Marketplace.


In order to align our GBAs to their community of interest, we validate a few things.


The Omni Marketplace ensures both our GBAs and clients are a good fit for one another.


Since our GBAs will be communicating on behalf of client brands, we want to see them in action.


Our GBAs have access to learning opportunities so they can expand their skills, and potentially earn more down the road.